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Zija Scam…


Most Zija Scam articles you will find when doing your research are either Zija distributors touting they have the best thing going while trying to get prospects to join their team or it’s someone posting a half-done, 400 word article just to zija scamblast out into Internet land to try and score crappy backlinks.

Either way it can be really tough to get any substantial information about Zija, or any other mlm company for that matter. In my article you will find a ton of information, the result of much research done on your behalf.

You see, I was once just like you…searching, possibly feeling lost and sometimes I’m sure, ready to just throw your hands up in disgust and defeat. I have 3 years under my belt and after a tumultuous start, finally figured it out. Hopefully, this third party Zija review can help you with your decision making so you don’t have to endure the pain of failure any longer.


Lets get right to it:



Zija Scam-Is the Company a Good One?


Zija, the network marketing company was actually started in 2006 with a simple mission to help people realize healthier lives utilizing a tree considered to be a “miracle tree” by many called Moringa.  This tree was the driving force behind the product line of Zija.

Their initial product was called the “Smart Drink” inspired by all the nutrition this special tree exhibits. The plant protein is considered to be a “complete protein” which includes many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega 3 oils as well.

The blend the company uses is unique and considered a proprietary blend from the Moringa tree. Their complete line of products includes weight loss, liquid vitamins and minerals, skin care and energy enhancing products.

The company distributes its products globally utilizing a network of independent distributors. There are numerous companies producing products from the Moringa tree, but Zija is considered to be the leading network marketing distributor of such products.

When speaking of the Zija product line the terminology Zija scam should be the farthest from your mind. The products are first class no doubt about it.



Zija Scam-Is the Leadership First Class?


Kenneth Brailsford is the President and Founder of the company. His accomplishments go back all the way to the 1970’s when network marketing was in its early days. He was known for introducing nutritionals in capsules giving him the title “Father of Encapsulation”. He was the founder of several well known nutritional companies including Nature’s Sunshine, Botanicals, Incorporated, and Enrich International.

The Executive Vice President of Zija is Rodney Larsen. Mr Larsen’s resume includes consulting and negotiator for several smaller companies, along with working closely with Fortune 500 companies putting together several multi-million dollar projects. He oversees operations, new business development and marketing strategies for Zija giving them international impact in the network marketing industry.

The Vice President of Zija International is Michael Hershberger. With 20 plus yrs as an IT specialist and business professional, Mr Hersberger keeps Zija on the cutting edge of technology and operational expansions.

There is absolutely nothing I could find when it comes to the leadership or the scientific advisory board that would classify Zija as a scam.



Zija Scam and The Compensation Plan


Like so many other network marketing companies, Zija International has several ways a distributor can create income while building their sales organization. Keep in mind, that Zija is no different in the sense there are qualifications to be david lee mlm met along the way within each different bonus level.


Let’s Break it Down…

  • Direct Selling– Distributors make money buying at wholesale and then selling the product at retail prices. The range of percentages differs depending on the amount of the sale and the actual level the distributor is at as far as volume and bonus level reached overall.
  • Bonuses for First Orders– To help the new distributor, Zija pays an additional 10% to 20% bonus on personally sponsored people on their initial order with the company. Keep in mind this is only up to $100 dollars.
  • Builder Bonuses- If a distributor is “active qualified” which means $150 per month autoship registered with the company, then Zija pays an additional $30 dollar bonus whenever that distributor has personally sponsored someone that reaches that same level of “Builder”.
  • Rebates for Volume Orders- 10% rebates are paid whenever your Personal Volume exceeds 250 in a given period. If you have a personally enrolled distributor that reaches that same 250 level, then you get a rebate yp to 10% on their Personal Volume that exceeds the 250.
  • Team Commissions– If you have two personally enrolled “Active Distributors” on your left and right leg, and if they have reached the Active 75 status, then you’re considered a “Builder” and are qualified to receive up to a 15% Team Commission.
  • Leadership Check-Match-If you reach “Senior Leadership”, then you may get a check match bonus based on a certain percentage of the team commissions you have personally sponsored, and the folks they sponsored all the way down to 8 levels deep.
  • The Diamond Pool- Zija International reserves up to 4% of the entire company’s commissionable GV to be paid back to distributors that have qualified as Diamond Executives.
  • Additional Business Centers-As you build your organization larger, you can in a sense “sponsor yourself” and add what is called a Business Center. You can place these anywhere within you structure in effect cloning yourself almost.

The word scam should not be used when referring to the Zija compensation model. Like most every other network marketing company, Zija gives its distributors the ability to grow large organizations while creating very lucrative incomes along the way. It’s always up to each individual rep’s efforts.


Zija Scam-The Harsh Reality


There is a 95% failure rate in network marketing, so let me ask you a question. Have you ever noticed it’s the same guys and gals walking across the stages to get the keys to their luxury cars or to pick up those massive bonus checks? Well, that’s the 5% that is having mega-success in their network marketing company.

It’s funny, I’ve even discovered that some of these SUPERSTARS get 85% to 90% of their income from just 2 or 3 people in their organization. Now, that’s certainly not duplication as they all like to preach. They are simply  “Alpha ” types that literally recruit hundreds and sometimes thousands into their business every single year.

They have to because at the end of year one, they’ve lost 90% of the people they have enrolled. It’s just a sad statistic of our business, therefore MASSIVE recruiting is necessary.

Another statistic that might surprise you is that normally you make just $5-$8 per person in your organization. Are you mlm sponsoringbeginning to see a pattern here? That’s the other reason you have to either SPONSOR LIKE CRAZY or if you’re not the type to do it, you have to learn how to become that “Alpha” personality. (Most people just can’t become that person).

So at the end of the day, how can “normal folks” like me and you make good money online? Well, how about making $125 per person you bring in each and every month, year after year? (instead of that Chump Change $5 per person). No longer do I need 2,000 people in my organization, just 70-80 for a 6 Figure Income…THAT’S IT!  (Talk about Powerful)


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That’s what I do now, heck, I even made money my first week with this company…Finally something that works and I didn’t even have to invest a dime in Zija or buy into that Zija Scam nonsense.

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