Xango Compensation-The 4 Features that Can Make You Wealthy

Xango Compensation

The Xango Compensation Model…

Xango is another network marketing company offering its wares, (a mangosteen juice), among other products, through an MLM structure. Network marketing can be quite the lucrative venture for the right people, or should I say for the people with the right attitude and work ethic.
Xango is another one of “those” health and wellness MLM companies that has experienced great success utilizing a very good product line of nutritionals. Xango actually has more than one million distributors internationally and advertises a 50% payout on “qualified commissionable” sales volume.
Many times network marketing companies will “get ya” on the terminology used in the contract. What exactly is “qualified commissionable”? Well, when you actually read the distributor agreement or should I say have your attorney read it, (laymen’s terms are rarely used), you come to realize that technically the company is above board, but very few distributors will realize success.
And “technically” doesn’t pay the bills for the thousands of Xango distributors out there. We will take a closer look at the Xango compensation plan in this piece to hopefully shed some light on the sometimes confusing world of MLM compensation plans as a whole, and Xango in particular.


Let’s look closer at the 4 Main Ways to make money with the Xango compensation plan:


1) Xango Compensation Feature #1Retail Sales are a large part of the Xango compensation structure. Basically the distributor will purchase the product at wholesale cost and sell it to a customer (a non distributor), at the retail price and keep the difference as their profit.


2) Xango Compensation Feature #2-The Power Start bonus can vary between twenty and thirty percent depending on sales volume and is based on any brand new customers or brand new distributor you bring into the business. The Xango autoship or ADP as they like to refer it is usually the $100 or $200 level, therefore at the higher percentage; your commission would either be $30 or $60 respectively. This is a weekly paid bonus.


3) Xango Compensation Feature #3- The Unilevel Residual Income bonuses are commissions paid out monthly and pays between five and ten percent on your first three levels down of all “re-orders”. You can qualify to receive monies at deeper levels, but these drop down to the two to five percent range.


4) Xango Compensation Feature #4-Bonus Pooling is only for distributors that have reached the “Premier Level” within Xango. The company holds back three percent of sales volume to be distributed among this elite group known as the Global Bonus Pool every quarter.


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Like so many other MLM compensation plans out there, a determined, trainable person can become quite wealthy utilizing them if they work hard, and the Xango compensation plan is no different. Unfortunately, most MLM compensation plans are designed to make money for the “alpha personalities” out there, not the “average Joes”, hence the high failure rate in our industry.
Simply put, traditional MLM companies are flawed in the way in which they pay their representatives, hence the 97% failure rate of new people coming into the respective companies. Most new people average only $10 per week in their MLM which is both sad and troubling.


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