What Does Information Overload, Your Adrenal Gland and Internet Marketing Have in Common?

Experienced network marketers know all too often the detriment that is information overload in
our business. It can even happen to someone with some experience, but limited mindset training if they’re not careful.


Internet Marketing and Health Issues Can Have Similarities…


It’s really strange sometimes how things in everyday life,
such as health issues can have similarities to the business world. I recently
experienced this first hand I’m sad to say.


 The Stress Gland…

The adrenal gland in the human body is known as the “stress
gland”. Everything in your body that can be stress related, i.e., emotional
problems, high blood pressure, heart issues, physical injuries, chronic pain,
basically anything that can cause stress inside the body, seen and unseen can
tax the adrenals’.


In my situation, I was having unbearable abdomen pain which
was being misdiagnosed as pancreas problem, liver problem, gallbladder problem,
and even heart problems at one point.


 Ever Feel Like Giving Up in Your Internet Marketing Quest?


After dropping 35 lbs in 2 months and a year of tests at one
of the best liver/digestive health facilities in the world here in Dallas,
needless to say, I was about to give up. They said at one point they were just
going on a “cancer” hunt at one point.


Limbo is The Silent Killer of Internet Marketing Businesses…


Boy that leads to some sleepless nights for that year.
Anyway, after traditional doctors had given up when everything came back
negative once again, I basically felt despondent and like I was floating in
limbo at that point.


 Many Times You Just Have to Take Control…

I had to do something…emotion creates action, so I took
things into my own hands and searched out a holistic doctor that had seen such
symptoms many times.

 No Emails for 6 Months…What?

He also had success treating people with this problem, (the adrenals shutting down other parts of
the body), therefore he simply put me on a program to get my adrenals back in
align with my body and after 2 weeks I was already gaining weight again. The
doctor had me walk away from anything business related for almost 6 months to
get back to near normal. I know, I know, not even emails!


 Information overload…

in network marketing is very similar. You seek out that one person that can
help you. That one person that you can either relate to, or has had some of the
same issues in the past or maybe just has the ability to train you the way you
need to be trained.


 Information overload…


can disguise itself as many things not unlike the adrenal gland. It can have
you second guessing everything network marketing or internet marketing related.
It will have you jumping at every new “get rich quick” program and opening
every email from the next “self proclaimed guru” out there.


 Never, Never, Never Give Up…

It will have you doing all the wrong things, spending a lot
of money and wasting a lot of time, just like I was with my exhausted adrenal
gland. It makes you think you cant do anything and will create feelings of just
giving up.


 Information Overload is the Silent Killer of the Internet Marketing Business…


This syndrome known as information
is far and away one of the most common reasons for failure in the
internet marketing business. Because unlike the adrenal gland, with information overload, you can just give
up and not actually die, right? (I know good news)!


 The Sad Truth of Internet Marketing…


But unfortunately, the dream of having a residual, self
sustaining internet marketing business does die for too many people out there
trying to make it in this sometimes crazy but many times highly rewarding industry
we know as internet marketing.


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