Use These 4 Techniques to Overcome The Superstitious Mind in Online Marketing Training

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may get tiring sometimes, but it will never get old….I received a phone call from a potential prospect the other day Ken, who was skeptical,  judgmental, and even sounded supersticious at one point when speaking about “those people that say” what they say about online marketing training.

Could Online Marketing Training Be Ken’s Calling in Life?

Ken had done many things in his life as far as a vocation goes, heck, Ken had even owned his own business at one point, but had never tried his hand at online marketing training.

Ken is rather sharp having worked in the real estate and mortgage industries (on the service side), for many years and was ready for a change, hence the phone call. Typical of many folks that inquire about working from home and having an online business, Ken was firing the questions rapidly.

Online Marketing Training Skeptics Abound…

Much of his concerns dealt with some of the normal skepticisms I guess, (no online marketing training experience, no real experience with websites, etc, no network marketing lead generation knowledge, internet products being overpriced, etc).

Here was my advice for Ken as it would be for anyone looking to create a sustainable online business that would develop into residual income so he could one day retire without worry.

  •    Change the Dynamic with His Thought Processes Too many people that jump into online marketing training, try to apply that offline marketing mindset of advertising product features, then advertising product features and then advertising product features again and hopefully make a sale from just product and community recognition.

Don’t get me wrong being active in the community can be important, but only from a position of creating value first.

Geico is a great example of this. Not only do they seem to be sponsors at so many local events, fairs, charity events, but they are constantly giving away things and interacting with the public in some way.

Geico and Online Marketing Training Have Things in Common?

If you were from another country and saw them at one of these events, you wouldn’t even know what product Geico sells now would you? But, I bet you had fun at their booth and enjoyed some little trinkets they gave you and your kids.

Who knows, you might even remember that name when you or someone you know needed insurance. Think rapport, personality, and providing value when implementing online marketing training strategies, before ever trying to push a product.

  •    The Right CommunicationKen knew how to speak to people on the phone he just needed the proper online marketing training to learn how to convey a certain posture there, and on his websites and blogs once they were up and running.

Creating a blog that welcomes prospects with a good online marketing training feel and presence is vital for long term success.

One way to do this is to always give prospects a call to action. People surfing online simply don’t move to action by themselves, they are just click happy for a lack of a better term. For instance, telling them to “click here now” or “call me between 5pm and 9pm EST” will have your email list and telephone exploding which is simply a result of applying the learned online marketing training techniques.

  •    Your Offline Knowledge is Universal Ken, like so many other online marketing training neophytes doubt themselves for lack of online marketing experience. People buy first from people they like, therefore simply connecting with them in some way is the key, not which product is the best.
  •    Your Valuable So Get Paid As Such– Ken also fired off pointed questions about network marketing training costs, product pricing, commission levels, compensation structures, which companies are best, aren’t the products priced too high, etc.

Concentrating on these things primarily can be the kiss of death with online marketing and online marketing training. If you feel good about a company, product and more importantly a good online marketing plan, just roll with it. Stop doubting because people follow people, not products or compensation plans.

Think about how many times a successful online marketer has been forced to leave one company only to go to another and be wildly successful very quickly.

You can only do that with a personal following that’s been built over time,with phenomenal online marketing training and not just with a product.

I told Ken to stop worrying about the prices of products. If he builds the value engine then “they” will follow. Don’t under valuate what you can bring to the table or market online.

If people are truly ready for a change in their lifestyle, and you have cemented that relationship with excellent online marketing training, building value and projecting the proper posture, then they will always find the money if they think you are worth it, (not the product).

You always want to build your online marketing training business with like minded people anyway. I don’t twist anyone’s arm, I don’t have to. If you don’t want a change in your life, we probably won’t be working together and Ken should build his business the same way.

Proper Online Marketing Training Never Begs…

Never prospect from your knees, never sell yourself short and never, ever let price become the only objection. If people want to work with you, they will find the money, heck that’s what credit card debt is all about, right?

Oh, and the last thing I told Ken was to simply have fun. If you can’t have fun with online marketing training, then what’s the point I mean really.

Keep Charging Forward,

David Lee


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