Univera: A viable mlm business or another mlm bust?

univeraPresenting Univera Life Sciences…

Here you will discover many things about Univera, the Life Sciences Company. Since I am not involved with Univera or one of its direct product competitors, this article will be an unbiased review as is all of my company reviews.


The fact that you’re reading my article tells me you’re a conscientious person which is great when looking for a viable network marketing business.


Univera like so many others out there, may have a great product but questionable marketing methods which is really the foundation of any network marketing business online today.


>>>>>Ten Years Under the Univera Belt<<<<<


Univera has been in the nutritional business well over ten years now, which in itself puts them far ahead of the mlm crowd. The company was started by a businessman from Korea who’s dad fell very ill and was on the verge of death at one point.


After trying all the conventional methods available at the time, a family friend offered them the actual juice from an Aloe Vera plant, and as the story goes the rest is history. His Dad made an unbelievable recovery; hence, Univera Life Sciences was born.


A company called Econet, now actually owns Univera, along with several others including Nature Tech, Unigen, and Aloecorp. The company’s business principles have been solid through the years; therefore stability and growth have been consistent.


The health and nutritionals market is massive especially in the network marketing arena. Univera has made tremendous strides in product development with a complete line of health and wellness products available, but the product Ageless Xtra is its home run hitter.


The Univera Compensation Plan


The compensation plan within Univera can certainly get lucrative like any other network marketing company as long as the proper marketing vehicle is strongly in place. For anyone you directly bring into the business, Univera pays it’s distributor 15%.


You can then earn overrides on your team’s efforts up to five percent depending on your qualifying level at the time. Two percent is also set aside by Univera for a profit sharing program for qualifying distributors.


Nowadays, many network marketing companies offer a luxury car program and Univera is no different. They offer up to $1600 dollars each month for a BMW payment. Of course much higher levels have to be met to realize this awesome bonus.


Now The Bad News About Univera


Univera unfortunately hasn’t grasped the concept of marketing their products utilizing the internet. The company still holds to the “warm market” methods of marketing their products. This worked great 20 years ago, but times are changing.


Listen, there was a time and a place for this type of neighbor marketing or belly to belly as many call it. But the chasing friends and family form of marketing is quickly becoming a dinosaur. Usually they have absolutely no conception of owning their own business; therefore you are running uphill right out of the gate.


Don’t get me wrong, introducing them to the opportunity is certainly fine but just remember to move on quickly if they don’t understand the concept or have a compelling “why” to change their lives. Just remember, team duplication is easier when building locally and with a warm market, so keep that in mind when building your business.


Now, having said that, let me also add that there are thousands of successful entrepreneurs in network marketing that still do it this way and whatever works for them is fine. A large majority is already integrating internet marketing methods into their marketing because they see the writing on the wall as well.


The internet has exploded and things like videos, articles and online social networks that allow you to reach thousands of social mediapeople a day, as opposed to five with old school tactics, are changing the complexion of network marketing as we once knew it.


Companies such as Univera are slowly coming around, but not fast enough. The network marketing companies that take the new marketing methods and run with them are flourishing.


And many of them don’t even have the traditional “evergreen” or “consumable” product lines and that fact itself is a strong indicator of things to come.


Is Univera the Perfect Network Marketing Company?


  • If you’re looking at Univera as a business opportunity, don’t do what I did for a whole year and chase “the perfect product” or “perfect company”, because there is no such thing.
  • But there is something known as “the perfect marketing system” . I’ve seen people make millions marketing sub par products, and seen people go broke marketing superior products.
  • You have to disconnect from the mindset that it’s about the products, the compensation plan or the company, and Univera is no different. Univera is a fine company no doubt, but if you don’t have a marketing system in place, one that shows you what to do to market your products today, tomorrow, and the next day, then you will be dead in the water and looking for a new network marketing opportunity in 90-120 days… bank on it!


You can learn from other’s mistakes because success does leave clues. See how our team members create thousands of interested people to talk to every single day about Univera and other mlm companies they are involved with.


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