(Trivita Scam)? A Third Party Review

Trivita a Scam?


TriVita ensures that you get the safest, freshest, and most effective products available on the market today. TriVita, one of the  most successful companies in the health and wellness industry, is located in Scottsdale, AZ. The company slogan is simply: Start Trivita Today, and have Trivita Customers Tomorrow. TriVita has created a business opportunity with low start-up costs and a large income potential, always dependent on the individual’s efforts.




A trusted health solutions provider since 1999, Trivita has developed nutritional products and offers health and wellness services that support the whole person – physically, emotionally and spiritually. All TriVita products have physician approved formulas and are guaranteed to meet the highest manufacturing standards possible similar to many other wellness companies today.


What makes TriVita’s products so unique from most other nutritional supplement companies in the market is based upon three key dynamics: The company says it uses the most bio-available ingredients with unique delivery systems that have been scientifically studied and validated. The products are pharmaceutical grade and a few are patented.




Trivita’s innovative Cooperative Marketing business model uses a dynamic multi-media approach to generate customers for their business owners. When you combine the structure of TriVita’s dual-multi-tier plan with its proven Cooperative Marketing business model, you wind up with a powerful business engine that can literally create an unlimited amount of wealth if used correctly.


Trivia has a brilliant “hybrid” business model where they profit-share with their Business Affiliates through what they call ‘TriVita cooperative marketing. The bottom line is this TriVita cooperative marketing business represents a real long-term residual income when marketed efficiently..


The System


Don’t expect TriVita to be any kind of get rich quick system. Like so many other network marketing companies, the process takes years to build a substantial organization, at least one that can provide significant income. You need an automated process to systematically follow-up with all of your contacts.


As long as you have a large organization, and are a powerful marketer on line, then you are a prime candidate to realize great success within the Trivita structure. TriVita is about providing the mechanism, the system and the environment whereby you can discover your purpose, re-kindle your dreams and live a fulfilled life. TriVita has the plan, the systems, and the ways and means to make this happen.


Residual Income


The entire infrastructure, philosophy and reason for being is to earn long-term residual income and to help others who are serious do the same. As you continue to build, you can earn while you learn and work toward creating a significant monthly residual income.


Wellness and wealth are fine goals, as are things like earning residual income, recession proofing yourself and retiring early. Today, over two million people have been touched and their lives enhanced by the TriVita organization and its mission…


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