Top Network Marketing: The 12 Things You Must Do to Succeed with Google in 2011

Top Network Marketing

is everyone’s objective in our business, but Google, Blogging, and The State of SEO in has changed dramatically in the last 12 months.

Stop Hiding Already…

Can we please get over the fact that the days of “hiding behind websites and emails” is coming to an end? It is a different world with online marketing today.

The fact that Google just pulled the rug out from under article sites, directories and article marketers around the world, should be just one more indication of the level of indignation they feel for anyone trying to circumvent the system.

Dont Recycle…

Many of the websites, blogs and directories out there had become just a recycler of garbage content in a poor attempt to rape the internet for more and more back links. Unfortunately, it had worked for too long if you ask me.

How frustrating was it to type in your search term only to land on a site with 3 or 4 blog entries and that was it. No only was the site barren of any pertinent, current content, but few had any terms of service, about pages or anything whatsoever that resembled a well thought out, relevant blog or site that delivered what Google is wanting you to deliver.

These were certainly not top network marketing sites.

Not only that, but so many of these auto-blogging type sites were simply set up as Google ad sense sites, therefore new content really wasn’t a concern for the site owner.

Too many could get a top 10 placement by simply registering a domain name that happened to be the exact keyword or keyword phrase and do it without regard for any future blog posts.

It’s Google’s Fault Right?

When you think about it realistically, Google really created that monster for themselves. I mean, if someone could build a blog the quick, cheap, no labor way and make money, why not, right? Well, fortunately there are some of us out there that do care about the content and building a blog or website the right way.

Below you will find 12 Things You Must Do to Succeed with Google in 2011 with a Top Network Marketing Site:

MUST DO # 1: Operate Your Blog Honestly Give credit where credit is due.

Scraping other content should be kept to a minimum and so should removing links from 3rd party articles you put on your blog. Transparency and honesty are becoming more important and a downright necessity if you want to be successful long term in your online marketing efforts. Don’t Be Shady!

MUST DO # 2: Use Unique, Quality 3rd Party Content Sources

Don’t make your blog look spammy with crappy content and be sure you can trust the sites you pull from. Make sure the 3rd party sites, forums, or blogs are MODERATED…always.

MUST DO # 3: Zero in on Tight Niche Phrases or Keywords

“Australian football” is certainly better than “football”. Make your blog the information “Hub” for your keywords and keyword phrases. Keeping a more narrow focus with your blog will help it rank better in the search engines and keep Google happier.

Remember, more relevancy is always better in their eyes. And always use one blog per domain name when looking to be a top network marketing site or blog.

MUST DO # 4: Don’t Be Ping Happy

Aggressive, constant pigging doesn’t work anymore…except against you. Get a few links from established websites in your niche and Google will find you naturally. Over pinging, getting 100 back links a day, or auto submitting to 100 social networks per day is dead & dangerous.

Remember, you want to succeed with Google, not get on their bad side. If you’re in it for the long haul, (and you should be), and want a top network marketing site, then don’t give Google a reason to ruin your online marketing life.

MUST DO # 5: Deep Back Linking is a Necessity Now

About 40% of the links back to your blog should be to deeper pages, not just your home page. The other 60% of course to the homepage, but keep in mind, pages can rank as well as your home page.

MUST DO # 6: Use Internal and External Links with Anchor Text

Be sure and link to other pages and posts within your blog using specific keyword anchor text. Also link to other outside sites openly. Don’t be afraid and don’t make them no followTo succeed with Google you must become a trusted source.

To have a top network marketing site it must flow easily from page to page and have easy routes for the Google bots. A good site map can accomplish this as well.

Just be sure to use the Broken Link Checker plugin to check for broken links…you will have some, but not as many if you only link to good, reputable sources and vice versa.

MUST DO # 7: To Succeed with Google Let Them Tell You What’s Working

Check your blog or site analytics and Google will show you what keywords and key phrases people are using to find your site. Just add more content and optimize for these key phrases and you’ll get a lot more traffic this way….Rinse * Repeat * Rinse * Repeat……

MUST DO # 8: Always Hide Your Affiliate Links…Always

Otherwise Google may see you as a “thin affiliate” site and ban you. It’s just not worth it to take the chance…so DON’T! Not to mention commission theft is at an all time high these days.

MUST DO # 9: Tell Your Visitors What to Do

Most people simply need a little mental push to do anything online. Simply something as small as the following statements can go a long way in determining whether you get a ½ percent response or a 3 percent conversion.

“Click Here to Check Out These Top Products Now!”

“Download Your Free Report Here”

“Tell Your Friends About This Blog Post Here”

Google loves interaction between the visitor and the respective site or blog. Top network marketing sites have figured this out now. This type of synergy is becoming all too important given the state of the recent Google changes.

MUST DO # 10: Use a Variety of Methods to Promote and Get Backlinks

Use article directories, article networks like, syndicate videos, submit RSS feeds (moderately), backlinks from commenting on blogs, forums, etc.

To succeed with Google, you must be smart and think Variety and Relevancy not just Quantity when it comes to backlinks, especially in today’s online marketing environment.

MUST DO # 11: Don’t Blindly install PlugIns and Themes

There are really only about 12-14 plugins you really need for SEO. If you don’t use an SEO friendly “paid for” theme, be sure to use one of these two SEO plugins. Either the All in One SEO Pack or Platinum SEO are the plugins to use.

The All in One SEO Pack is the old favorite and much more customizable, but the Platinum is no slouch either. I simply found the Platinum SEO pack to have fewer bugs and was easier to work with and configure.

MUST DO # 12: Participate Actively With On Page Optimization

Ask yourself, “Does each post have a unique Title and Description?” “Do your tags relate to the post itself?” “How is your keyword density?” “Are your posts keyword optimized?” “Are there any broken links?”

Most folks ignore this stuff and unfortunately it’s these very detailed, smaller things that can put your page into the #1 position in Google. On page SEO is very important considering all the slaps from Google with article sites and directories.

Google is always looking for relevant, pertinent copy so addressing the aforementioned issues goes one step further to say to Google, “hey, our content is important enough for us to ensure we get the “on page” right the first time. That my friend is what a top network marketing site does and does well…good on page SEO from the start.

Remember that “Google Love” is free and showing up on the organic side in the SERP gets more attention from customers and prospects. Can’t we all simply “get along” in this crazy, mixed world of SEO and therefore have our own Top Network Marketing site

Always Charging Forward,

David Lee

“The Marketing Rhino”


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