Top MLM Companies-What Makes Them Different?

Top MLM Companies…

Are They Really That Original?

It’s been my experience throughout my career in the private sector and now with online marketing that the top company’s offline and the top mlm companies online seem to just run and build things a bit differently.

I was in one of my local businesses the other day and noticed their companies rules of doing business posted on their wall. I stopped to read them like few people that come in off the street I’m sure, but I must say, I was blown away how a simple cleaning business had such insight.

After that moment I felt compelled to write my own for my mlm business and others who are struggling to get into that elite group with the top mlm companies as well. With the proper direction comes accomplishment and I hope my mlm business core ideas I’ve written below will help motivate and inspire you to do the exact same thing with your business, offline or online, it really doesnt matter. These principles I’ve indicated here, I think you will agree are universal.

Treat people with respect. Even if they talk your mlm business down and many will, always take the high ground. You never really know what will happen down the road in your network marketing business. Be fair and honorable and treat people the way you want to be treated. Live up to your commitments and those of your network marketing business. Be respectful at all times.

Always be forthcoming with new ideas…

 and voice your opinions, but don’t engage in political games in your network marketing organization. Always talk with people, not about people.

  • Make people accountable. Push down responsibility especially with new people on your team. Don’t get into the habit of micromanaging your new recruits. Be a mentor and trainer, not an enabler.
  • Continually look for better ways to solve problems like the top mlm companies do. They look at a closed door with new unique perspectives and many times they will find a way to open it.
  • Keep things simple. Don’t try to market in too many directions at one time. Find two or three ways that work really well and master them before moving on to new methods of online marketing. Remember the old Chinese proverb that says “Chase two rabbits and you will catch none”

Make informed decisions in your network marketing business just like the top mlm companies do. Technology online is ever changing so learn to make decisions quickly to be faster and more nimble than your competitors.

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