The 5 Things You Need To Be Crowdsourcing Immediately

If Outsourcing is Foreign to You…

Never in the history of internet marketing has there been more of a need for crowdsourcing than right now. In the world of internet marketing there is one constant and one constant only. That is the fact that everyone regardless of education, background, experience, race, religion, sex, vocation and attitude, has the exact same amount of time in a 24 hour day.

Be Wise With Your Time

As internet marketers, how we choose to spend and cut up those hours can really make or break a business, especially an online business or internet marketing business.

Getting outside help is essential in today’s competitive world of internet marketing. We have all heard the good things about outsourcing along with the horror stories like anything else, but here we’ll be delving into the new world of Crowdsourcing.

So What is Crowdsourcing Anyway?

Crowdsourcing simply means that you can have literally thousands of “contract employees” working for you around the clock and all the while not having to waste valuable time on searching for the right person for a specific job to outsource an otherwise mundane and time consuming task to.

Look Before You Buy…

Crowdsourcing is a fantastic concept in the sense you get to see the finished product before paying for anything whatsoever. Simplified, here’s how it works. You just go to a website and post a very specific job that you need performed, and there are hundreds if not thousands of TRAINED people that see the posting and perform the tasks.

Because there are so many seeing your job posting at once and the jobs are usually not too technical, the job gets done very quickly. Once your job is finished, you then get to go in and inspect all of the work and decide who you want to pay for the completed work. This way you get to choose only the people that did the best work for you.

As I said this would be for simple, mundane and time consuming tasks that need to be done in great numbers. Here are the 5 things that I recommend you

Get crowdsourcing immediately for:

  • Acquiring friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter
  • Doing research for niches and keywords
  • Having folks posting comments on your blogs
  • Having people “like your” Facebook page (100 at 5 cents each is just $5.00)
  • Getting articles written for you

Two of the best services for crowdsourcing are Microworkers and Mechanical Turk. Always be careful and perform your due diligence when searching out any services that utilize employees overseas.

My Two Personal Recommendations…

Personally for crowdsourcing I would use Mechanical Turk for the simpler tasks such as “liking” Facebook pages or doing blog comments simply because of the language barrier you could run into with some of the stuff.

That’s why I love crowdsourcing so much because if they don’t do it according to your exact instructions, you pay nothing…what could be better than that?

Use Microworkers for things like article writing and SEO tasks. You can actually choose between workers overseas or workers in more predominantly English speaking countries like the US, Canada and Australia. You can expect to pay $3 to $4 per article which is a steal if done to your instructions.

Remember to always pay workers that performed according to instructions promptly, otherwise you can get flagged in some of these sights which can “ban” you from posting jobs for a while.

Always ask yourself this question, “what is it really that requires you personal attention”? If you dig deep and answer this one honestly yoou can never go wrong with your decisions on what to crowdsource.

Live for Today,

David Lee

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