Surprisingly Only 4 Things Are Needed to Master Good Copywriting: Is the Written Word Obsolete?

Good Copywriting and the written word may have finally met its match.

As more of everyday society becomes a group of mind numbing robots, floating around bumping into one another aimlessly waiting patiently for that path of less resistance, the dwindling minority, (me included), are holding our breath just praying that our educational system has a wake up call…and the parents in our country for that matter.

I know, I know, let’s not go down that political “dark alley” and buy into that “sky is falling” mantra when it comes to writing, reading and the ability as a society to comprehend the written word. That would be a subject for another day.

Regardless of the fate of the planet, or the political leanings of our great country, good copywriting will never be a lost art in my opinion. It would seem to some people that You tube and a thousand other video networking wanna-be sites have taken over as the top internet marketing destinations for so many newbies in our industry.

When it comes to the top internet marketing methods, You tube definitely has its share of sources for sure. Even though after 2.5 years in this business, I have found some really great “how to” videos online, there is just no substitute for good copywriting as a powerhouse to creating action on a website, blog or capture page.

Videos are certainly great for something like a how to on getting an html document online, or how to create a good blog header from scratch, but when it comes to gently pushing a potential prospect to the point of taking out their credit card, nothing can stand toe to toe with good copywriting.


Now don’t get me wrong, utilizing both video and good copywriting

together on the same page, well lets just say you’ve got yourself a one-two punch that will be hard to beat when it comes to conversions.

The top internet marketing gurus have learned early on what makes the top money and when your conversion rate is 30% as opposed to the industry standard which is 1 to 2 percent, then you can certainly see the power of

To master really good copywriting, one must master only 4 things. In the beginning, I too was overwhelmed at the idea of writing ads and headlines. But once I reduced it to the ridiculous, things just started flowing.

  • First and foremost, you must analyze who your target audience is and simply become that person in your mind. Writing for the mlm business is no different. You have to visualize the person that’s coming to your website, blog or capture page.

What are they searching for? What needs do they have? What is the age group or sex of your average visitor? Can you PROVIDE A SOLUTION? Unless you can identify the person or prospect and answer these questions, you may realize your good copywriting isn’t so good and will always fall short as far as conversions are concerned. You want to be as targeted as possible.

  • Secondly, is the ability to formulate a good head line. So many people overlook this MOST IMPORTANT detail. How in the world can you expect someone to read your article if they are not enticed by your headline? Being the first thing they see, nothing could be more important.

A good headline will have this simple outline: “I used to have this horrible problem”…but “I found this wonderful product”…and “now my life is dreamy like this”

  • Third, when speaking of the features of anything, always talk about the benefits as well. In actuality, benefits sell. Nobody cares that it folds up smaller than a purse, but they do care that it can easily be carried in a jacket pocket, freeing up your hands. Never assume that people can make the correlation. I’m sure they can, most are just not wired that way.

Fourth, always, always, always include a call to action.

Regardless whether you’re writing an article, a press release, or a capture page, good copywriting

will always have an enticing, attractive call to action. Otherwise, your piece is simply an informative amusement to read, that’s it.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you might offend somebody because of the nature of a particular piece such as a long, detailed article. Anything can have a call to action, anything.

A call to action doesn’t have to be sales related, it can be just to get additional information or an email address to get them on your list and that’s it.

Always keep this very simple statement in mind when writing copy. With each sentence you are simply trying to get the prospect or visitor to simply read your next line of copy…that’s it.

Don’t complicate things by tormenting your brain thinking good copywriting takes a great novelist, on the contrary really.

Keep Charging Forward,

David Lee (AKA The Marketing Rhino)


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