Steve Clayton-Poser or the Real Internet Marketing Deal?

Steve ClaytonSteve Clayton

is certainly not the norm when it comes to internet marketing. Unlike 95% of others that try and fail the first time, Steve Clayton tried the first time and never looked back.

We’ll discuss in detail how he became so successful so fast, and without many failures along the way.

Some would say that Steve Clayton had an advantage coming from a background as a Vice President of a Fortune 500 Company, but nothing could be farther from the truth. As anyone that is successful in this crazy business we call internet marketing will tell you, achieving success has less to do with background and more to do with drive.

And that my friend is something Steve Clayton has never been short of…drive.

Early in his internet marketing career, Steve had already developed and sold several products by way of Clickbank. Some of his more recent products are Commission Blueprint, Commission Blueprint 2.0 and Commission Blueprint-Black Edition.

Clickbank King Early On…

With all of his products becoming top sellers in Clickbank so quickly, they interviewed him to get the scoop directly from the man. That in itself speaks volumes for Steve Clayton considering Clickbank was the first big network offering digital products for sale on the internet.

His product Commission Blueprint was basically put together for the newbie and would take them step by step into the world of PPC and selling affiliate products online utilizing Clickbank mainly.

In the successor, Commission Blueprint 2.0, Steve Clayton simply took it a step further and included training on SEO. Much of the course was based on doing the things both with on page SEO and offline SEO that can take the new person’s income to the next level by dominating the top organic positions in Google.

The Crown Jewel…

With Steve’s Commission Blueprint-Black Edition the premise was to take the absolute greenest person, get online and walk them step by step through the process of having an e-commerce site up, running and making money very quickly selling tangible products.

And as far as money goes, Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey have done very well. Reports have them making 7 figures their first year together…actually in 8 months. I don’t know about you but that is more than impressive given the failure rates of new businesses online, especially in internet marketing.

Steve actually began his venture into online marketing helping and consulting other brick and mortar businesses with their SEO and online presence, building a 6 figure income himself.

This worked well for him because he could also continue to learn and educate himself while also creating a great income for himself and his family. He and Tim actually put a module in their Commission Blueprint product that outlines how to set up a consulting business in this manner.

The way in which Steve Clayton presents their products is simplicity with a methodical philosophy. He is a great teacher and leader in this industry and will continue to be for many years to come.

A Good Leader is Active in Their Business..

One of the most impressive things is that their forum is one of the most complete and active forums online today. Any day you can find Steve in the forum answering questions from would be internet marketing millionaires. Still being that active and current in the forums speaks volumes for a person that has reached “star” status like Steve Clayton has online.

He puts things in layman’s terms but also covers areas that are considered more expert level. Therefore, his products are very attractive to the newbie as well as the seasoned professional in the areas of internet marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing and e-commerce.

Steve Clayton is definitely the real deal. There is nothing fake, pretentious or artificial about this internet marketing genius.

Keep Charging Forward,

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