Scentsy: Do I Smell a Winner Here?


actually dates back to two thousand three when Kara Egan and Colette Gunnell, homemakers at the time, had an idea to create a safer way to enjoy candles. They realized the dangers of open flamed candles, especially with kids around the house. After doing their due diligence and working many late nights, Scentsy was born.


 Orville Thompson got Scentsy on the Cheap!


A man by the name of Orville Thompson attended a Scentsy home party in Salt Lake back in two thousand four. He took free samples back home and the family was impressed to say the least. So much so that Orville and his wife made an offer for the company, and Scentsy as it’s known today was born.


The Thompson’s moved Scentsy to Meridian, Idaho, where it enjoys phenomenal growth even today. So much that new locations in Kentucky and Illinois were added to assist with new distributors’ needs and the general overall growth of their shipping lanes nationwide.


 Wickless Turned Into Gold…

The flagship products Scentsy offers are scented candles which are wickless and 100% free of flame. Also available are warmers, car candles, travel tins, Scentsy Bricks and Scentsy Bars. The fact that their products are different and original certainly helps with the overall appeal of their product, as well as the massive growth of the company as a whole.


Scentsy Has  Huge Consultant Base Already…


Scentsy is marketed using a MLM structure while utilizing warm market penetration and home parties. Scentsy consultants already number forty thousand strong. A Scentsy starter kit is just ninety nine dollars which claims to have $200 worth of product.


Personally, I do not know how a company could experience so much growth when their initial order (the starter kit), has them losing $100 or more. I really doubt the validity of that value, but I didn’t purchase one myself so I cannot dispute it as such. The company provides a replicated website free for the initial 90 days, but costs ten dollars per month thereafter.


Scentsy commissions and bonuses range from nine percent to twenty five percent with different qualification levels at varying points in between. There are also other bonuses available that I will cover in subsequent articles in detail. Much of the required commission qualifying could be difficult to reach without making this more than a part time venture.


 Scentsy Has  a Guarantee…


Scentsy does give a thirty day guarantee of satisfaction, and their products carry a lifetime replacement warranty for manufacturers’ defects as well. All product replacing or repair is handled directly through Scentsy.


 Targeted Market is Key for Scentsy…


Scentsy has proven they can experience serious, long term growth utilizing a product with somewhat of a limited market appeal. They have done it by really identifying their market very carefully and specifically and staying laser focused on that market.


Reaching particular qualification levels to make any substantial monies will be very difficult for most associates. Scentsy is really structured to support thousands of part timers and not really for someone looking to make it a full time, massive residual income producer.


A newer associate will have some success as long as they have a massive warm market so they don’t run out of potential customers and prospects too quickly. But once again, a minimal, part time income is usually all that is realized in this type of  MLM Company, and that really is what it’s designed to do.


 Scentsy a Opportunity for Part Timers…

Scentsy is a great company with a fun product to market, as long as the intention is not to replace your normal job or for a stay at home mom looking for a few extra dollars.



If you have the capacity to productively use the Internet to drive massive amounts of quality traffic to your Scentsy website, then you would also do well with this business.

Learning how to market on the Internet is absolutely a process. There are no safely guarded secrets or tricks although many will try to convince you that there are. If you are eager to put forth a consistent effort towards learning it you exactly will become successful at it.


Traditional MLM companies are flawed in the way in which they pay their representatives, hence the 97% failure rate of new people coming into their respective companies. Most new people average only $10 per week in their MLM which is both sad and troubling. But it is not your fault.


You are being trained improperly and paid even worse which is rarely more than 30%. Discover how to create hordes of leads for your Scentsy business without breaking the bank, Click Here.





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