Sammy Hagar and I Need a Job, I Need a Job

Sammy Hagar…

Believe it or not, something I was watching this morning made me think of Sammy Hagar.

Sammy Hagar is a rock legend, (if you didnt know), but I’ll get back to him in just a second. I was watching the news this morning, (very unusual for me), and was watching the governments and economies around the world simply falling apart. This includes places that were insulated from such things so many years ago, like Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece.


The demonstrations in England really caught my attention because the folks were having their pensions cut again by their government. I have to ask you, are they really “your pensions” when someone can simply step in when things are bad and reduce your percentage of growth or your payouts?


I cannot imagine giving an employer such as the government 30 years of hard work, 30 years of commitment, and 30 years of time away from my family, in exchange for a pension that will keep you at the poverty level throughout your “golden years”.

 Sammy Hagar…is my mentor so I guess I should let him know, huh?

It got me to thinking about a new song that I heard recently by one of my lifelong mentors, (he doesn’t know it yet), Sammy Hagar. Now, you don’t have to love rock n roll to absolutely love this guy. He decided a long time ago to do what he loved…write and perform rock songs his way, and build businesses along the way without compromise.


Sammy Hagar has become one of the most successful musician/entrepreneurs of our time and has a net worth of $120 million dollars as of today. But it wasnt always like that for Sammy.

 Sammy Hagar had struggles just like me and you…

As a child he and his Mom used to dig through dumpsters for food and eventually ended up living in their car for a while shortly after leaving his violent, alcoholic Father. (I can relate to this one). The point is he never wavered as he came up through the musical ranks.


I recently read Sammy’s book, “RED” and learned how he always held steady to his beliefs and his vision of writing the best songs, putting on the best shows, (many free admissions), and giving back to society as he made his way.


sammy hagar has several restaurants, clubs and foundations now and helps people of every race, and religion. He still plays concerts around the world many times losing money just to bring his music to his audience.


After seeing all this turmoil in the news, it made me think of Sammy Hagar’s band Chickenfoot’s new song, “Three and a Half Letters”. Even if rock music offends you, you should simply watch for the message in the video. At the end is the website for one of the charities he supports.


If interested, I also embedded the video of how the song came about. These are real letters from struggling people right here in the United States. The story is interesting, and just to warn you there is a couple of “F-bombs” in both videos, but please don’t let that take away from the message, especially this time of year.

It’s good to know there are folks like Sammy Hagar that Have Made It, and havent forgotten where they came from!



Folks, there is no security in working for anyone else, it doesn’t matter if it’s a company with just 3 employees or General Motors, (hence the government bailout). You must take control of your own destiny, plain and simple. There is no better way to do this than to have an online business…YOU CONTROL EVERYTHING!


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