How to Qualify a Network Marketing Lead in 1 Minute or Less

How to Qualify a Network Marketing Lead in 1 Minute or Less is Easier Than You Think

Learning how to qualify a network marketing lead in 1 minute or less is simply a learned skill, nothing more. A skill that with some practice and persistence can become second nature, but nonetheless one that must be conquered to approve network markeitng businessquickly move through your network marketing leads.

Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter what type of wonderful, cutting edge systems you have set up, educating your network marketing leads about you, your team, your products, or your training, you’re gonna run into “Mister 50 Questions”.

You know the guy. He’s the one that sends you an email asking you a question and then calling you 30 minutes later wondering if you got the email. If you don’t learn how to handle these draining and sometimes toxic personalities, you can be in for a long, and exhausting network marketing business experience.

You have to learn how to qualify these folks as fast as possible. Remember, becoming an alpha personality on the phone goes a long way as does keeping this mantra in mind…Professionals Sort and Amateurs Sell, so learn how to move through them quickly.


The Steps For Learning How to Qualify a Network Marketing Lead in 1 Minute or Less:

Depending on your type of advertising and marketing, you will attract folks that are looking for help in those respective areas. So they will most likely be:

  • Yearning for someone to help them
  •  Not having success in their business


Here’s how the call will go when they ring you up or they opted in for more information and you call them to introduce yourself…

“John, how can I help you today” or “What can I do for you today”?

Beginning the exchange this way lets them know you’re not calling them to sell them anything, you’re just calling to offer help. You’re a concerned leader in the industry speaking to them in a helpful tone, one that lets them know you are someone that can help them get what they want and your team is the one to be involved with to accomplish their goals.



Too many people fall into this trap, especially the newbies coming into network marketing for the first time.

Make determinations early on to clarify their concerns. Pose questions this way:

“Bobby, have you been involved with network marketing before” or “have you had any real success in network marketing or your own home business before”?

You are taking control of the conversation immediately and implying that you are interviewing them, because you really are in a sense. This will also help you qualify them.

Once the conversation progresses, just remember to answer only questions YOU think you should answer and just ignore the others as if they didn’t ask it at all.


End quickly by giving them a summation of the things they should be asking about, such as:

  • The type of help you and your team will be providing
  • The levels of success your team members have had utilizing your training


At this point, if Mister 50 Questions asks anything else whatsoever except, “how do I sign up”, simply say in a polite and professional manner…


“John, I’ve covered your questions and all the help you will get with our team and how our team members are utilizing our methods with great success in this business. But right now I’m basically interviewing you to see if you have the commitment to having your own home based business and whether or not I want to spend the time and effort to train you in our system, so John, are you coachable and trainable and ready to get going with this”?


Now, some folks might be taken aback with your forwardness, but I’m here to tell you, unless you want to spend countless hours on the telephone every night, signing up nobody in the process, or signing up Mister 50 Questions, (who will find fault with everything), then you need to use this script or one very close to it.


Here’s a little game I used to play in my head to make it easier in the beginning. If they are put off by this, then reverse it in your mind. YOU should be the one that’s put off by them wasting your valuable time by asking 50 questions.


Don’t be rude, just be matter of fact, polite and carry yourself with urgency because there are plenty of folks waiting for your call that are dying for you to work with them.



Do not let them pull you into the quicksand that is mediocrity or failure like the other 95% in this business. Refuse to sleep in their bed. Misery loves company and so many folks you talk to hate their lives or the place they are in their careers.



Surround yourself with quality people, and get your prospects qualified as quickly as possible so you can spend more time with people:

  • who DO want to take action,
  • who DO want to follow proven effective lead generation and marketing systems
  • who will be quality additions to your downline structure


Do you really want to spend 30 minutes trying to explain and answer every little question these people might have?

If you do this, subconsciously these folks are thinking they just took you down a notch by taking up your valuable and precious time, and the more time of yours they get to waste, the less valuable they think you and your time are worth.

They may be a network marketing lead alright, but that doesn’t mean you recruit from your knees either.



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