Qivana-The Top 5 Things That Can Sink Your Qivana Business

Did Qivana Break the Mold in MLM?

Qivana is a good MLM company as far as we can tell after just one year in existence. But what’s really difficult to imagine is, in this day of technology and internet marketing prowess, there are still new people to the MLM business world that are being taught to make that “dreaded list”.


Oh, you know the list I’m speaking of don’t you? It’s the “100…who do you know list”.  Who drives your kids to school, who fixes your car, who cleans your clothing, who preaches at your church, who delivers your newspaper…you get the idea, right?

Qivana Did Something Right…

Qivana has set itself apart with top notch product development and a first rate executive team no doubt. But after speaking to a gentleman the other day that just signed up, I’m at a loss for words. Too many MLM companies, including the Qivana MLM company, still depend primarily on the “warm market”.


Your Warm Market Does Have a Place…

There is certainly nothing wrong with utilizing your family and friends if it’s feasible, but it’s just not for so many, especially if you’ve burned the proverbial bridges pushing your former, latest and greatest MLM opportunity.


Let’s visit the five things that can sink your Qivana MLM venture...


  • Your Warm Qivana List– Really is made up of people you just don’t know that well, or have no “close” relationship with really: co-workers, old classmates, out of touch family members, neighbors, many are total strangers when you think about it.

Most Folks Just Dont Get It… 

Do any of these folks really understand the concept of network marketing much less the discipline it takes to have a business from home? Not Really! Doesn’t it make sense to speak to people that understand the concepts or who already may be involved in MLM?


  • Your Warm Qivana List– Is very limited in its scope of ability to really grow exponentially. The concept of your friend has a friend that has a friend, which knows someone, is very limited and will eventually run out given the technologically advanced society in which we live.

People are just not connected belly to belly like we used to be. Wouldn’t you rather transcend that small scope of influence and have no limitations except your own, when it came to how much you would like to market around the globe utilizing the internet? And all of this in your underwear sitting at home rather than getting dressed up for a hotel or living room meeting.


Your Warm Qivana  List– Most likely only a couple of people will be very familiar with network marketing or MLM.


95% of the folks I speak to and market to are not only familiar with MLM, but most are already involved in the industry at some level. That sure makes for a more comfortable environment for everyone doesn’t it?


Your Warm Qivana List– Rejection is rampant because you have to ask or “close” them to know if there really is any interest whatsoever.


I don’t have to close anyone or ask if their interested. My folks can’t get on my list unless they’ve shown interest previously in MLM or some of my previous opportunities or products. Certainly eliminates rejection doesn’t it?


Your Warm Qivana List– Likely consists of 100-200 individuals total, if you count extended acquaintances that you really don’t know personally….and then you run out of people to talk or market to, period.


Our system which works with any company or MLM, consistently produces 100 interested folks daily, without us having to leave the comfort of our home, all on autopilot while we sleep.


Think about it. Do you really want to try to talk somebody into embracing the MLM model first, and then trying to sell them on your particular company, lotion, potion, pills or candles? That is a very difficult objective to accomplish, and is the reason 97% of people fail in this business.


Get Focused and Grow Big…

Stop shooting a shotgun into a huge crowd and hitting only one or two out of a thousand. Use a laser guided missile like we do, and hit 99 out of a 100.


Our list of pre-interested people asked to be on our list. These are targeted and experienced network marketing entrepreneurs already, therefore much of the work has been done for you.


Doesn’t it just make more sense to talk to people that have asked to be spoken to?


Of course it does..


REAL People Just Like YOU are making $250,000…$500,000…Even $1 MILLION (or more) each year with their MLM Business after they learn this ONE GUARDED SECRET…

Keep Charging Forward,

David Lee

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