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Does Qivana have it right with the Qore Essential Program

The Qivana Qore Essential program was designed to help the human bodies’ own ability for optimizing our immune systems.

Therefore, the program helps to stabilize the body from the everyday barrage of impurities in our air and food supply.

A 1000 Year History of Effectiveness

Qivana’s Core Essentials are a proprietary make up of herbs from parts of China and Asia. The advantages of these herbs have been verified throughout history, with some dating back more than a 1000 years or more.

With Qivana’s Qore Essentials It’s About the Immune System Silly…

Qivana put Qore Essentials together with several basic Qore benefits in mind.

For supporting basic liver and immune system functionality. For promoting positive energy levels, while maintaining a high metabolism throughout the body. For keeping aging joints lubricated and limber, and for keeping your heart functioning properly while maintaining the proper good and bad cholesterol within the body.

In Qore Essentials, Chinese Herbs Are the Difference

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum-Better known in the United States as the Crown Herb or the Immortality Herb in some circles. The locals in China have been brewing teas from the Crown Herb for 1000’s of years in far away villages.

The populations normally enjoyed extremely long life spans along with very few health issues. Some would say their diet contributed greatly to that fact as well. Of course common sense would have to agree with that assumption.

Chinese Skullcap-In China, recognized as 1 of 50 of the most effective and fundamental herbs. The reason Qivana included it in the Qore Essentials is for it’s ability to assist the liver directly, while also providing an anti inflammatory degree to it’s know effects.

Inflammation in many aspects within the human body has been long touted as one of the reasons for the onset of so many of our modern day, terminal diseases, according to many bioidentical hormone physicians and advocates.

White Korean Ginseng-Known as an adaptagen along with Chinese Skullcap, Qivana included this in the Qore Essentials for its stamina and strength supporting functions within the body. These adaptagens have had validation within the writings of over a 1000 science and research companies and institutions around the globe.

Qivana’s Qore Essentials Claim These Benefits

  • Keeping the heart healthy and functioning properly
  • Maintaining the body’s metabolism at optimal functioning levels.
  • Keeping energy levels high while limiting stress in the body.
  • Assisting the liver to support immune function.
  • Maintaining cholesterol within proper ranges.

Qivana and Dr. Marcus Laux, chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board explained that they always took a somewhat different viewpoint when it came to producing products. Using the platform from which body balance and strength from within bears the core philosophy they hold dear.

Ok, Not The Cancer Debate Again…

Qivana is quick to point out, as are any health and wellness companies that any stated benefits of their product line have never been evaluated by the FDA, and their products, including the Qore Essentials are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any diseases.

Qivana’s Product Development is Top Notch…

At the end of the day, with the unique and distinctive product line, and the top notch executive team Qivana has assembled, one would have to say they get an A+ in the areas of product development and industry experience, but a C- in regards to the online marketing training their IBO’s receive.

Anyone that is anyone online knows you must drive huge amounts of very targeted traffic utilizing today’s network marketing lead generation techniques to sites (that you own). With Qivana’s approach of old school network marketing, most reps will just fall short in their efforts long term.

Qivana Products Seem to be Superior

When it’s all said and done, Qivana does present a somewhat unique product system. And as far as the principals involved, well you couldn’t ask for a more experienced executive team, that’s for sure.

The company may have a failing grade in the area of marketing just from the mindset they possess of working your warm market primarily.

The days of chasing strangers, friends and family are long gone and anyone without a marketing machine and training vehicle in place will most likely fail within the first 90 days, as do 97% of the folks that start in MLM.

Heck, nobody has an endless supply of friends and neighbors and who really wants to get dressed up and put on meetings in living rooms and hotels, anyway? That’s just 70’s-80’s marketing mentality and that seems to be the Qivana mantra right now.

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