Put The Laws of Attraction to Work for You-A Simple 3 Step Process

The Laws of Attraction…

have more to do with inner harmony and balance than with just material things in life. So much of the information today regarding the laws of attraction seem to revert back to acquiring that new sports car or mansion you’ve always dreamed about. Don’t get me wrong, having specific goals for material things is certainly not a bad thing.

Unfortunately, to many people just think that having lots of cash, cars and luxury homes will provide happiness and nothing could be farther from the truth. Usually, a lot of money will just magnify whatever is already going on in your life.

Below you will find a simple 3 step process to put the laws of attraction to work for you.

Clarifying Your Desire-As mentioned above, most people simply wish for things, without really giving it much forethought. The actual processes to acquire that $1,000,000 or Ferrari are rarely explored.

That is simply because most people do not really know how to examine the question of how do I really acquire it. It is simply an after thought or dream, that’s it.

The laws of attraction work much like a good goal setting program or plan. The first thing you must do is identify the real desire. Money is not the actual desire. Most individuals would argue that fact, but answer this question.

If that person got their million dollars, would they just let it sit in the bank forever? Of course not, it’s what the money can do for them that is the real desire.

Buying a new car to help their recently widowed sister is the desire, or quitting that less than desirable job to raise the kids at home might be it. Rarely is it just money. You just have to get extremely specific.

Daily Focus on the Identified Desire-Starting each morning with a vision board is something I used to do. Now I utilize a computer program that is custom designed for my particular goal or desire.

You have to bring daily attention to your desire yourself. There are simply thousands of negative images and sounds going into the computer hard drive we know as our brains. If we don’t counteract that with deliberate, daily, sights and audio input, then the not so positive things can take over.

Daily affirmations must be added to this process as well just to help drive the desire deeper into your subconscious. I simply use an index card with four handwritten on it.

Have you ever noticed when you’re searching for a new car and you have narrowed the search down to maybe 2 or 3, but in the back of your mind one is really your favorite, that you start seeing your favorite one all over town.

It almost seems you have become a magnet and this car is now attracted to you. Guess what, you have. The process is no different here.

Be Worthy-Too many individuals have a thought process that does not allow them to accept the fact that they deserve an income of $20,000 per month.

It just becomes too high of a number for them. They can’t imagine a brand new Ferrari in their garage they paid all cash for. The 3% of people that make insane amounts of money on line finally decided they were worthy.

You see, in life and in this process, you get or become what you think about all the time. Unfortunately, too many people take that and say, “thats all I think about period”.

Where they make the mistake is they don’t implement any of the actual physical processes discussed here. The successful, simply do what the unsuccessful will not bother to do, even if it just requires 10-15 minutes a day, and therefore are demonstrating one aspect of The Laws of Attraction.

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