Organo Gold: The 4 Organo Facts You Must Know Before Spending One Dime

Discover 4 need-to-know Organo Gold Facts…


your competition may not want you to know. If you’re like me, you want to find out as much as you can about Organo Gold before making any decisions concerning your network marketing business. Read through this quick and easy guide to learn the 4 Organo Gold Facts you must know before spending any more money on your business.


If you don’t already run in tight network marketing circles, you may ask yourself just who is this company that calls itself Organo Gold? Don’t feel bad. I was once in your shoes, scouring the internet every night for answers regarding Organo Gold and so many other network marketing companies.


I wasted thousands of dollars and many, many months trying to do my due diligence, not making more mistakes along the way.


Organo Gold Fact #1: Organo Gold is another network marketing company that threw its hat into the mlm ring back in 2008. For people that are madly in love with coffee, Organo Gold may be a good fit. Unfortunately for those folks, making a business decision based solely on a product is a bad, bad thing to do.


The company products of are considered to be a healthier java, coffee mixed with herbs that are considered to be medicinal in some circles. The 2 main herbs are Ganoderma and the other is Lingzhi. Both herbs have been touted as having incredible healing characteristics which can be applied to many illnesses today, some being serious.


The company makes no claims whatsoever as to any healing properties of their products or the herbs themselves. Both of these herbs are known for their terrible aftertastes, with Ganoderma being worse with its bitter base flavor.


Fortunately, Organo Gold, through its state of the art processing has taken the bitterness out of both of these “magic herbs” and created a surprisingly great tasting coffee line.


Organo Gold Fact #2: Organo Gold has tapped into a seemingly un-tapped market. Coffee infused with Chinese herbs that have long claimed certain curing abilities is a very original idea when you think about it.


In the East, the mushroom Ganoderma is harvested for its commonly known healing abilities inChina.  Because of its healing properties it has become known as the king in the mushroom arena. Since so many people already drink coffee everyday, injecting the Organo Gold with power of these healing herbs was just genius.


Imagine getting your caffeine fix each morning while helping your body by providing it with healthy benefits of disease curing Chinese herbs.


Organo Gold Fact #3: Since Organo Gold is a newer company the growth potential is enormous. The company has chosen a network marketing platform and is poised for international growth as well. Their vision as a company is to provide each and every representative the opportunity to reach their greatest potential and financial goals by providing good bonuses for members that excel.


Organo Gold Fact #4: Organo Gold provides 7 avenues for compensation within the company. Included are the fast track bonuses, the retail bonuses, the unit-level bonuses and team bonuses which make the compensation plan attractive to newer distributors.


Organo Gold also has matching bonuses and something called a global pool which provides a certain percentage of universal sales to be paid back to its top leaders within the company.


David Lee put together this Organo Gold Review for folks searching for more information on the company.


Organo Distributors Must Have a Platform


Unfortunately, most Organo Gold distributors will not realize the success they long for simply because they don’t possess the online marketing skillset or the guidance of an experienced internet marketing team to teach them how to produce an unlimited number of targeted leads interested in joining them in their business.


Traditional MLM companies are flawed in the way in which they pay their representatives, hence the 97% failure rate of new people coming into their respective companies. Most new people average only $10 per week in their MLM which is both sad and troubling. But it is not your fault.


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