The 5 Things My First Network Marketing Sponsor Should Have Told Me


Your Network Marketing Sponsor Will Make or Break You!


If you’re in network marketing for the long haul you would think your first network marketing sponsor would have had a profound impact on you. As a matter of fact, they probably did, just not a positive one as I’m finding out personally.


To be honest, I haven’t met anyone that’s been in network marketing at least a year or two that is with their original your network marketing sponsornetwork marketing sponsor….it’s just the nature of the industry unfortunately. Having said that, it doesn’t mean good ones don’t exist, they do in fact because I have one now that rocks.


This list is derived from my personal experiences and opinions, nowhere is it written in stone, which is another reason I love network is marketing…two experiences are seldom the same, or at least perceived as such.


Well let’s get right into the 5 things I wish my first network marketing sponsor would have told me:


1)      That it Takes Money to Make Money– Hey, let’s not kid ourselves, we should all realize there is a cost involved in buying or starting your own business. With all the “make 10k overnight programs” advertised, I guess it desensitizes us in a sense. It baits us into thinking we don’t really have to invest much monetarily, or in time or labor for that matter.


Unfortunately, we buy into those ideas being the neophytes that we are in the beginning. And if your sponsor doesn’t know what to do either, well you can see how this can quickly spiral out of control. Even though, network marketing has the lowest startup costs and greatest ROI of any business I’ve ever seen, it would have been nice if my sponsor understood enough to prepare me for the $200-$500 per month this business costs to run.


2)      A Successful Network Marketing Business Takes More Than 2 Hours Work per Day– Once again I guess we can go back to the “do nothing for your fortune” programs that litter the Internet endlessly. At some point, we all have to take responsibility for our businesses, regardless of the “clueless” sponsor. In the beginning you will have to put in countless hours on the telephone and on the computer, its’ just the nature of network marketing.


You have to learn so many new things and implement what you’ve learned that it becomes very time consuming. The bumps in the road are numerous but the successful network marketer never quits. It does get better as you move through the process as you grasp more and more of the concepts while learning how to be a leader and coach others along the way.


3)      Article Marketing is Dying a Slow Death Now maybe I should cut my first sponsor some slack here, but they should have their pulse on the industry as a whole. Especially when it comes to something as big as article marketing. So many sponsors would have their new people churning out rehashed PLR to article farms just to get ranked in Google regardless the quality of the information submitted. People could simply “keyword stuff” or submit outsourced articles that didn’t even make sense just to reach that coveted organic side of the 1st page of Google.


Well, you poke the sleeping lion long enough and he does wake up, Google Panda is proof of that.


Three years ago even a neophyte like me could see the writing on the wall. There were just too many search engine results coming back unrelated or just adsense skeleton pages and the like. I hate it because I’m a skilled writer to say the least, I just hate the fact that so much of the oomph was taken out of article marketing. Fortunately, back then when I realized what was happening, I started honing my video marketing skills for the future.


4)      You Better Be a 110% Self Starter– I think the misconception in network marketing is that your sponsor will provide you will all the training and resources you could possibly ever need to be successful. Ok, you can stop laughing now. No really, that certainly may be what is projected out their in the jungle that is network marketing today, but we all know nothing could be farther from the truth. With the success rate of new people hovering between 3%-5%, I guess we can then deduct that most sponsors don’t have a clue when it comes to training, or is that really what it means?


Honestly, I’ve seen it both ways. The clueless sponsor and the lazy new rep that thought his sponsor is supposed to answer every one of his techie questions about his new blog.


The majority of folks are just not self motivated enough or have the perseverance it takes in this industry to be a success, because it does take a lot of hard work. Most people start out part time and just cant find the energy after a day at that J.O.B. to come home and put in another work day on their network marketing business.


5)      Your Significant Other Better Be As Committed to the Business as YouYou would think this is a no-brainer but so many people just assume their spouses will be ok with everything that’s going to come down the network marketing pike. One of the problems I’ve seen is that the spouse that’s in the business keeps everything totally separate from the other, therefore building resentment.


Because of the difficulty that a majority of new people go through in this business, this can simply spell disaster and does in so many instances. Instead of alienating your spouse, try to bring them into the fold as much as possible. This will help them feel as though they’re involved and a part of the business. Even if it’s just to get their opinion on and ad or a change you made to your blog, just anything to get them more involved.


Well, there is my list of 5 after just three short years in the business. I’ve learned a lot and hopefully you can gain some insights that can help you, especially if you’re a struggling newbie in the business. I feel confident that if you do your research and due diligence that you will find the right network marketing sponsor.





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