Network Marketing Recruiting Success Leaves Clues: Network Marketing Recruiting Mastery in 6 Easy Steps

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recruitingDiscover the 6 network marketing recruiting success principles your competition doesn’t want you to know. If you’re anything like me and want your network marketing recruiting efforts to explode, then you’ve come to the right place. Read through this quick and easy guide to develop the 6 network marketing recruiting success principles that will propel you to the top of your network marketing company.

Master These 6 Network Marketing Recruiting Priniciples and the sky is the Limit…


Network Marketing Recruiting Success Principle #1: You are not a babysitter, so stop acting like one. The truth is, when we get into the network marketing business, we envision ourselves running around and being the go-to-techie guru for all of our team members, especially the new ones. (If I recall correctly, I got into the network marketing business to leverage my time, not become a webmaster.


Early on, you have to provide a platform for training in a group environment. Creating a world in which you personally touch and train your team person by person will simply keep you from recruiting new team members into your business, plain and simple.


Network Marketing Recruiting Success Principle #2: Create an ego maniac in your prospects. Everyone has special talents and qualities and it’s your job to learn how to identify them. People love it when they are complimented and recognized for their specific abilities regardless of the nature.


Identify the strengths of potential team members and create your little army of ego maniacs that will come on board and do the same.


Network Marketing Recruiting Success Principle #3: Come up with a LITERAL number in your head of people you will recruit on a daily or weekly basis and stick to it. (Make sure it stretches your abilities). It becomes all too easy to get distracted especially working from home.



Most People Don’t Write Down Any Goals


Keeping this number in front of you as you work throughout the day will keep you on track and focused on money making activities like recruiting, instead of the techie stuff.


Network Marketing Recruiting Success Principle #4: Once you get things rolling, be sure to OUTSOURCE as much as you can to free up recruiting time. Learning to delegate, especially in areas where you have a lot of experience can be tough, but unless you master this ability, you are in for a long and tenuous ride.


After spending 16 hr days doing 3 way calls, webinars and training sessions, most of the mega successful gurus learned to master the art of outsourcing. Personally, I don’t want to spend all of my time doing the lion’s share of the marketing, on-page SEO, or creating back links, especially when there are very capable companies that specialize in working with top network marketing companies.


Not only are these companies good, but they come at a price most anyone can afford…$4-$6 an hour. This is really where the good network marketing recruiting masters separate themselves from the pack. By outsourcing these needs, you can quickly become a top producer in any MLM company.


Network Marketing Recruiting Success Principle #5: Working with the right MLM coaches. Trying to have a successful MLM business without a successful coach is like trying to drive without wheels on your car. You may have some of the basics down, but really getting somewhere is going to be difficult or impossible.


All successful leaders in MLM have a good personal coach themselves. The need to be coached by people that are more successful than you never goes away, regardless of your present level of achievement. Be sure to choose one that has reached a pinnacle that you also wish to reach.


Network Marketing Recruiting Success Principle #6: Creating or utilizing a system that not only GENERATES TARGETED NETWORK MARKETING LEADS, but one that also includes a sales funnel for quick cash. With the information and technologies available today, there is no excuse not to become good at your craft Network Marketing.




 Are You An ALPHA?



Only 15% of people walking our planet have that “Alpha” type personality. You know the type. They can make 100 phone calls and get hung up on 100 times, but keep smiling and dialing. They let the rejection roll off their back like water off a ducks back as they say. However most of us are not built like the Alpha.


Fortunately, we live in a world of online technology that allows you to build an attraction marketing sales funnel.  One that has prospects that are drawn to you like a magnet through your trainings, value offerings, videos, blogs, etc, therefore you are no longer a stranger to them but a trusted friend long before you speak with them.


When built correctly, most of your leads will contact you asking for additional information about your network marketing business. Can you see yourself having some Network Marketing recruiting success using this type of marketing foundation to work from? I think we both know the answers to that don’t we?


Top Network Marketing Recruiters have learned the skills that put them at the top of the leader boards every single month. And now you can do the same and finally build your network marketing Empire!


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