Network Marketing Lead Generation: How To Generate 30 Leads a Day at No Cost

Network Marketing Lead Generation…


A common question I get and
rightfully so is “How can I consistently generate leads for my network
marketing business

When I began my journey into
the network marketing jungle, I recall asking that same question and feeling as
confused as you may be feeling right now. I didn’t have a list, but I knew I
had to start building one fast. I had NO IDEA how to even write an email
autoresponder message much less generate leads for my business.


My blog post today will
cover some of the ways I like to attack network marketing lead generation
and how you can start building
traffic to your website and in turn convert them to leads for your network
marketing business, SOONER rather than later.


I will assume you already
have at least a website or blog to work with. I recommend a self hosted,
Wordpress blog simply because you control it and Google loves them when it
comes to SEO, which we will learn more about in future posts and videos.


Next, you will need a lead
capture page
or squeeze page as some people refer to it along with a
good, reliable autoresponder for collecting the specifics of your leads as they
come in. I use Aweber simply because they are number one when it
comes to reliability and deliverability, and nothing could be more important
when it comes to email marketing.


There are lead generation
systems that will get you trained and up and running on BOTH. The one I
recommend you can try out– Just Click Here


Once you have a place to send
prospects and a way to capture their information, we need to start driving
traffic to your blog or capture pages.


There are basically
just two options here, free or paid traffic. Both can work very
well if you know what you’re doing, but the free methods take more time and
effort normally.


I spent over $12,000 my
first year in this business trying to master network marketing lead generation.
Needless to say I was questioning myself a bit after closing
down my freight brokerage business where I had posted 2.5 million dollars in
gross sales in 3 years, just to start my network marketing business—Well, and
so was my wife!


I didn’t start generating leads
consistently until I began using a lead generating system. It
guided me step by step through a complete process to put the rubber to the road
as they say, so even the neophyte like me was able to start doing it regularly.


I’ve never purchased a lead
or used paid advertising because I’ve never had to, and
that’s simply beautiful in itself.


Let’s look at the free lead generating
methods that are my favorites by far. Starting
out too many people try to do too much and fail miserably because of
information overload.
You need to pick just one or two at the absolute most to
put forth all of your efforts in the beginning. Take one method and do it every
day for 45 days…then evaluate. If it’s working, keep doing it but add the
second method if possible. Keep reevaluating every 45 days to see if you need
to tweak anything.


  • Your Blog– Personally this is my favorite
    by far. It gives you a “nerve center” to work from, a home base if you
    will. The results can be dramatic if you build it right and Google loves
    them if their self hosted and on the WordPress platform. Concentrate on
    writing about things that can help people and bring value to them, and
    your blog can become a lead generating machine rather quickly. The best
    way to get your content shared all over the Internet daily is by using this cool tool.
    Content syndication is king and this tool will help you master the art.


  • Video Marketing– This is quickly becoming
    the “article marketing’ of the future. With our society moving to the
    visual mentality, video has never been more important than now. Google
    loves video especially since they own YouTube now. It runs a close second
    to Google as the most used search engine these days which tells you
    something in itself. Putting videos in your blog posts really helps keep
    people on your site which is exactly what you want. You can make videos,
    put them on YouTube and embed them directly into your blog posts. That
    gives you a link to YouTube which is awesome because of the high page rank
    they have. Once you’re more comfortable with making videos, you can start
    syndicating them out as well just like articles.


  • Article Marketing– These days article
    marketing is more for simply building massive amounts of backlinks to your
    site, which helps you rank higher which in turn helps your pages show up
    on the 1st page of Google. This awesome tool is by far the only one to use for your
    all important keyword research. It does everything you can think of and then some when
    it comes to keywords, domains, monetization and much more. Not only that but
    these guys are constantly adding new features and keeping the software up to date.
    I use this tool which helps me send out to thousands of sites instead of just 5 or 6.
    Article submissions can take hours if done manually, therefore using the tool is imperative
    to save hundreds of man hours.


  • Social Networks– Another trend in online
    marketing is using social networks. Facebook is the Granddaddy of them all
    and the one I myself had to start learning. It’s amazing the shear massive
    quantity of people you can reach in a few short hours. What used to take
    me days by telephone in the private sector, literally takes hours on
    Facebook. Always remember, you are making acquaintances and friends, not
    selling anything. Lead with their wants, needs desires and interests and
    you can never go wrong. Lead with your business and you will find yourself
    alone on a deserted island. My team has a Free webinar on Facebook
    marketing which you can see by clicking here.


That is my basic, no cost network marketing
lead generation strategy for beginners.
It’s really beautiful in its simplicity and is quite successful as long as you
do it everyday consistently.


Traditional MLM companies are flawed in the way in which
they pay their representatives and train them to build their businesses,
hence the 97% failure rate of new people coming
into their respective companies.


Most new people average only $10 per week in
their MLM which is both sad and troubling. It is not your fault. You are being
trained improperly and paid even worse which rarely is more than 30%. How would
you like to keep 100% of your commissions and get paid tomorrow?


It is  happening right now with a system that has turned the network marketing
industry on its head.



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