Network Marketing Events: Are You Making These 4 Serious Mistakes?

Network Marketing Events…


Learning exactly what to do and what to say at a network marketing event or local networking meeting can literally explode your business and open doors that normally wouldn’t be opened.


I have personally seen people hosting a meeting that simply didn’t have a clue what they were doing, plain and simple. This won’t bode well for sponsoring potential clients into their respective network marketing business opportunity.


Learning how to work a network marketing event or local meeting can become a lucrative way to master mlm recruiting efforts and create new business relationships. Not only that, but you have much more fun when you educate yourself about the process so you can relax and enjoy yourself.



Network Marketing Events Are Not About You


Network marketing events are a place to create reciprocal business relationships, and a place to connect with like minded individuals. A lot of folks have too many cocktails which in turn makes them way too talkative. especially about themselves.


Always remember, people at network marketing events, (or any meeting for that matter) can easily be offended by pushy salesmanship out of the gate, useless chit-chat about nothing and offensive body odor. Let’s always take these simple things into consideration as well.


Here Are Some network marketing events No-No’s To Avoid…


Not Meeting the Heavy Hitters or Influential People: It can certainly be easy to get lost and over-involved in one group early on in these meetings and events. It can also be somewhat intimidating to meet the “big guys” but don’t pass up this opportunity…ever.


Do or say something that will make them remember you. Do a little research about their latest venture or product and make a positive comment about it. This will go a long way. Just offer to help them in the future any way you can. Offer the friendship and display the knowledge and value that you bring to the table and they will reciprocate by making introductions to their high powered circle of friends.


Not Understanding the Meaning of Networking in General: Networking 101 means building relationships first and foremost. Too many folks enter the banquet room, take notice of the large crowd and start counting the money. Take this experience as a chance to plant seeds for the future because really that’s exactly what it is and nothing else.


Offering to help people at every turn is the key to endless referrals, not pitching everyone you come in contact with at network marketing events.


shy people

Not Meeting New People in The Room: I am ashamed to say, I’ve actually caught myself at the end of a meeting and realized I didn’t meet half the new faces there. It’s an easy trap to fall into, especially if you’re a newbie in network marketing.


Just explain to your upline, downline and business friends that you would love to chit chat all night and you can do that with them in a more private setting once the event or meeting is over. Let them know it might also be a good idea for them to work the crowd and meet some possible future superstars in the business.


Not Asking Folks About Themselves Enough: Fortunately, I’ve been in sales my entire life so I was taught early on to engage people by asking questions, and they don’t have to be brilliant in their content. It’s human nature that people love to talk about themselves in just about any context.


Only divulge information about you if asked and then make the reply short but to the point. Don’t waste people’s time especially in a short network marketing event or meeting. I know it’s easy to get sucked into the “giving my company or product pitch” when they ask you “So what exactly do you do”?


Come up with an answer that’s sounds different. Don’t say I’m a rep for XYZ company….BORING! Say something like “I help people build their custom, dream lifestyle”. That sounds more interesting and therefore will prompt more questions from them which is good, but still make your responses short and turn it right back to them.


 }Network Marketing Events Can Be a Goldmine{


Unfortunately at too many network marketing events, people simply put on their salesman hats or are so self indulgent that they cant stop talking about themselves. Networking is an art but one that can be fun if you just let it. Just follow these simple rules, network the right way and you’ll find yourself exploding your team quicker than you ever thought possible.


This is all part of learning the art of Attraction Marketing. Learning to make an impact by making it more about “them” speaks volumes in their mind and they will remember you for it. Putting others first is the first step in becoming “magnetic”.


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