Your Network Marketing Business is Like Tennis: Those That Serve Well…Win!

A Network Marketing Business and Tennis…What?

I know we are in the network marketing business, but this situation just floored me and has many similarities to your network marketing business principles as a whole.


I actually heard this on the radio the other day when I was listening to Dave Ramsey’s show (For those of you that don’t know him, he’s a money manager/investment guru).


And not only did it have a nice ring to it, but I actually caught myself thinking about what he said hours later…


Is $49 Dollars Really worth It?


A man from Austin, Texas had called in about a dispute with a local lawn care service that treated his lawn after he supposedly cancelled the service. They were arguing over the whopping $49 dollars they were charging for that last application.


The owner of the company offered to meet the former customer halfway and pay just $25, which tells me it doesn’t cost the company that much to perform the service. The former customer refused, insisting he had cancelled with one of his office personnel.


By the way, the relationship was a good one up to that point. Not only that, but the man and his family lived in a rather small community and this lawn care company actually treated several lawns on his particular street according to him.


This Company Owner is An Idiot!


This company had now sent the man a letter stating they would turn it over to a collections agency if he didn’t pay it in full. Now, the former customer is furious because something as small as this can really hurt a credit rating immediately, costing him thousands in higher interest rates down the road on any new purchases.


Being in sales and marketing in the private sector for more than 20 years, (residential mortgage, commercial freight brokerage, health and life insurance), all service related as you can see, I learned many things along the way.


When I heard this story, it all came rushing back. What is the saying? “It takes months or years to get a customer, and only a second to lose one”. Or how about this one? “A happy customer speaks of their experience for 3 weeks, an angry customer 3 years”.  I’ll go ahead and say it…the owner of this local company is an idiot, plain and simple.


As a Business Owner I’d Give Up the 25…


You don’t really have to know the specifics of who was really in the wrong here. We’re talking about a $25 loss tops for the company, not $2500 or $25,000.


The owner should have been doing everything within their power to make this guy happy:

  • They should be apologizing for the mix up
  • Writing the bill off
  • Sending the disgruntled customer a discount coupon
  • Reaching out to them in every way possible so when the next time comes around for lawn service, guess who comes to mind instantly in this customer’s mind?


Also, how many referrals do you think he would get from the guy in the future, especially in a close knit community or neighborhood?


Who is Your Customer In Your Network Marketing Business?


Your network marketing business is no different. Well, let me rephrase that. Of course there are inherent differences in which the businesses are built, but customer principles stay the same.


When I started in the network marketing business, almost 3 years ago, this was something I had to come to terms with. Someone that buys a product from you online can be a customer for life, plain and simple. I bought my first Mike Dillard product 3 years ago and I will be buying them in 10 years.


Your Network Marketing Business is Not About Money…What?


The one thing I had to do was stop putting the money first and foremost in my network marketing business.


As important as money is to the survival of your network marketing business, (especially at the outset), it must take a backseat in your mind for you to be successful.


That was my problem when I began. As a matter of fact, that is all I thought about for the first year, how to extract money from people. And that is exactly why I lost $12, 000 my first year in my network marketing business.


A Network Marketing Business Sale is a Sale, is a Sale, is a Sale


And It doesn’t matter if you make a sale at a retail site, (mini blog), your personal business blog (an internet marketing product) or if they join you in your principle network marketing business.


They are a customer regardless and depending on the scenario, may have become your marketing partner. Remember you are always building that all important list. Therefore you don’t want a customer to unsubscribe, right?


A Network Marketing Business May Seem Hands Off


Just because a lot of what we do online is so virtual-like, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t become servants. Notice I said servants, not subservient, there is a huge difference.


A servant in the sense of the training you provide. A servant in the way you create value for your customer. Remember, in a network marketing business, your customer is your marketing partner, or sometimes marketing student. You are training them to do what you do.


In a network marketing business a lot of our income depends on the actions of others, hence the 95-97% failure rate of a new network marketing business. I’m not telling you to bend over backwards to help those on your team that won’t help themselves, that’s not what were talking about here.


Become a Servant In Your Network Marketing Business


If you just create a magnetic environment where the self motivated individuals you introduce to your network marketing business can create and grow their own productive teams, then you have done what you’re supposed to do.


You have become that servant by providing the instruction, training and leadership needed for their organization to flourish.


What they do with their network marketing business from that point is entirely up to them.

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