Motivate and Find The “It” Factor

When you are creating your “vision board” or your “wish wall” or whatever name you have given your particular visual motivator, what are you really thinking about? What things do you conjure up in your mind to really motivate you deep down in your soul?

For Some It’s Just the Challenge

I would bet next week’s paycheck, (oh, that’s right, I don’t work for anyone else), ninety percent of people including yourself, utilize tangible objects more often than not. The personal cars, the personal mansions, the personal riches perhaps may be utilized.

The things that motivate one person can be so stark different from another that it truly boggles the mind. And these two individuals can be of the same race, age group, religious background, sex, neighborhood, or possibly even the same blood family.

Our motivators truly are defined by our life experiences…

Give that one some deep thought. Rarely are personal motivations about

things that we can touch, feel or ride in. You will realize more times than not, motivators are much more personal than that.

I remember many years ago, I was still married to my first wife, and my youngest son had not been born yet. We were actually living in an apartment at the time and my first son was 5 or 6 years old, and highly impressionable as all children at that age, especially a son that’s watching Dad’s every move.

The addiction had dug in it’s claws...

Now, I had been smoking since I was 15 yrs old, a terrible habit and addiction I picked up from friends to be cool and fit in back in the day. I had terrible allergy problems and stomach issues since I was about 12.

Of course the nicotine just exacerbated those problems, but nevertheless, I continued with the addiction.

Of course my wife was a smoker also, because rarely are non-smokers and smokers married for life, it just isn’t the norm or practical for that matter.

We were certainly not wealthy at the time, so we struggled like many other young couples to make the bills, but that didn’t stop us either.

What could possibly become my “It” to quit…

We had always wanted to quit. We truly hated it…the expense, the rotten smell of our clothing, our hair, our breath, our cars, not to mention that we were killing ourselves slowly. We had tried and tried and tried to quit this nasty habit or addiction as it really has become known.

We had even quit once for just over 2 yrs, but one night out with friends, we had a beer and we said “hey, we’ve beat this addiction, surely we can have just one or two while we’re out having some fun.” That my friend is a powerful addiction…we started back the next day.

Our quest to get this horrible monster off our back had spread over so many years and so many failed attempts, it was simply sickening.

I was 100% totally controlled by it…

At one point, I remember battling with my conscience, and thinking, “David, how weak are you man”? “Can you not find a way to stop”? “This is killing you and will be killing your family very soon”!

Those bouts I had with my third person didn’t work either, trying to shame myself into quitting…please! I had tried the doctor prescribed nicotine gums, the patches, even the subliminal cassette tapes.

And for those of you that don’t know what a cassette tape is, stop reading this article immediately, it’s for mature audiences only.

Seriously folks, if it was available, my wife and I had tried it, but to no avail. It was killing us literally.

I even had a special lung test which measured lung capacity and ability, and I already had 15% ability that I would never be able to get back, even if I had quit the day I found out.

And then it happened

The Epiphany, that Moment. That “It” I talk about in my writings. Now we did have the sense to start smoking outside after we had my Son.

And one evening, I was smoking outside on the stairwell, and my Son was looking for me, I could hear my wife inside tell him I was outside smoking a cigarette and so he came running out to the steps, Daddy, Daddy…

I said “yeah, Son, what ya need buddy”? And I’ll never forget that look and what he said. You know that thing people speak about when they have an epiphany?

Well, that’s what this was, no doubt. This was certainly not what he originally wanted to ask me, but at that age the attention can go from one thing to the next very quickly.

He said “Daddy, when I grow up and I’m 18 and I’m smoking, blah, blah blah, blah, blah.” Now, of course he didn’t say blah, but it’s been so long I can’t recall the context of what he said and it really doesn’t matter.

Ya see, on that day, I found the “It” for me as far as giving up this nasty addiction I had. The “It” that would keep me from ever picking up a cigarette again in my lifetime.

Even though I could never quit for myself or my own health reasons, I could certainly do it, to save my Son’s health. He already envisioned himself a smoker and I wasn’t about to contribute any longer to that.

If I had continued, he would have been a smoker well into his adult life and that was just something I was not willing to burden him and his future health with.

I knew that life is tough enough without me cursing his young life that way; therefore I never touched another cigarette again in my lifetime…now that was powerful!

Your MLM or network marketing business should be no different. You absolutely have to have an “It” moment, otherwise you will most likely find a reason not to continue in the business as do 97% of the people that enter into it, especially if you are presently working that other J.O.B that you can’t stand!

You literally have to be committed and motivated enough to crawl through broken glass to get to Your Success….that “It” for you.

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