MLM Tools: The Most Important One is Free!

Are the Proper MLM Tools the Real Keys to Success?


I’ve seen so many people in the network marketing business use the improper and the proper MLM tools and continue to fail in their business. There seems to be many misconceptions in the industry, too many to count really. But one thing stands head and shoulders above the rest as far as the most detrimental misconception of all.


The Right MLM Tools Will Have Them Jumping Into The Boat Like Fish Right?


All you have to do is go to the Google keyword tool and do a search for “ways to succeed in mlm”, or “generating mlm leads” and you will pull up a literal plethora (I love that word), of articles, blogs and websites touting the latest and greatest new MLM tools. One that will magically have qualified leads jumping onto your team like unsuspecting tuna on a deep sea fishing expedition. If only it were that easy, we’d all be millionaires, right?


 Using MLM Tools the Right Way Takes Commitment…


We always want the quick way, the easy way, and the way that requires no sacrifice or commitment…that’s society today right? Unfortunately, newbies in network marketing don’t know any better, (or they don’t listen to their upline), and just stick their toe in the water, get distracted by some other supposed magic MLM pill, and soon quit that company and move on to another one, simply to fail there as well.



Most of the time they will either blame the network marketing industry, their team, their upline, the product itself, the comp plan, the MLM company itself or the fact they were not trained properly and didn’t have the right MLM tools.


 Spent $12,000 Dollars on the Wrong MLM Tools, or Did I?


Now, I’m certainly not speaking badly of these folks, I myself was in their shoes just 3 short years ago. As a matter of fact, I was somewhat worse in the sense that I spent $12,000 for my “slap in the face MLM education” that first year.



Of course none of the above reasons are really legitimate for failure in this business. If they were, would anybody ever really be successful in network marketing? Think about it this way. After someone quits a traditional company or gets fired for that matter, do they speak highly of that company? Most of the time they don’t, but does that make the company a failure, or the other employees for that matter?


 Many Times the MLM Tools Get the Blame…


Seldom, do we want to look inward for the blame or the answers. Let’s once again take the easy, quick way out and blame others. How can we possibly be the cause of our own problems? I know it sounds ridiculous, but accountability is hard to find today.


 Could there be MLM Tools in the Brain?


What’s really going on here is a lack of responsibility in doing some self discovery and mindset education. Ya see, the most awesome MLM tool is the one between your ears. Since you control it completely, this concept forces you to be responsible; therefore many people want to place blame elsewhere, because looking at yourself can be painful sometimes.



The majority of people out there are creating their own destructive self image of themselves and the world around them. There are literally thousands of negative images entering our brains daily through TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, videos, bad marriages, negative family members, etc.


 Feed Your MLM Tools Now Before It’s Too Late…


Subconsciously the human mind cannot possibly recover without specific, targeted positive input; it’s just not possible for so many negative images to happen in your brain, without creating negative results for you in the many aspects of your life. This has been proven through research for a thousand years.



Your network marketing business will suffer as a result. So that’s why the most important MLM tool is your mind, plain and simple. Ya know it’s funny. When I was selling health insurance, I used to feed my mind through mindset cd’s since I was in my car a lot.


 Using the Right MLM Tools, I always Faired Better…


And without fail, the weeks I consistently listened to Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn or Denis Waitley and didn’t watch TV, listen to the radio or put any of those negative images into my brain, I faired much better. As a matter of fact I set a couple of weekly rookie sales records for the company that year. After looking back, it was always during those weeks that I did so well.


I had many bad weeks as well and it was simply because I found myself backsliding if you will. I was falling back into that easy trap. The one that says just plop down on the couch after a hard day and watch the depressing news each night.


You Have Access Today to the Least Expensive MLM Tools in the World…


Take advantage of your least expensive, most accessible and most potent MLM tool of all…your brain fed with positive, happy, upbeat images day in and day out and you will become a force to be reckoned with in the MLM world.



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