MLM Network Marketing Lead: 4 Things You Must Do Before Getting One

MLM Network Marketing Leads are the steeping stone of the business…



The MLM network marketing lead seems as elusive as Bigfoot for the most part. When in actuality you can create as many of them as you want, day in and day out with the correct plan. A lead plan that keeps you on track should always be your goal.



In this article we will discuss 4 ways to pre-create the MLM network marketing lead in a way that is consistent and unwavering. My method will create them so you don’t have to buy them or spend money on advertising.



Many newbies starting out in network marketing simply don’t understand many of the concepts involved, especially when it comes to creating MLM leads themselves, and very targeted ones at that, much less a pre-plan to give them a better chance at winning and staying in the game long enough to become successful.



Many of the network marketing companies out there are still teaching the old school, antiquated, quickly becoming extinct methods of MLM network marketing lead generation. In case people haven’t noticed the internet is quickly changing the face of traditional marketing methods in MLM.



Let’s get into my MLM Network Marketing Lead Generation Pre-Plan:



  • Creating a lead generation budget- Too many folks simply start throwing money at buying leads, advertising in ezines or purchasing solo ads right out of the gate. Unfortunately, many new people don’t realize the expenses involved in actually running a network marketing business. And run out of money rather quickly. Take a look at just a few they seem to forget in their rush to get a lead:

$10 Domain Cost

$10 Hosting Cost

$20 Auto responder Cost

$50 Mindset products, ebooks, cd’s, dvd’s, etc

$50 Lead Generation System

$10-$50-Video Hosting

$50-$150-Monthly Auto ship (Principle MLM Company)

$10 Principle Company Admin Cost



As you can see, most of these are monthly expenses and this is certainly not an all-exclusive list. I didn’t account for any back link services, plug in purchases, etc. You can quickly be spending $300-$400 dollars a month, without allotting monies for advertising and/or purchasing leads.


  • Deciding on buying words to use in advertising, capture pages, blogs, etc So many newcomers to network marketing never give a second thought to the type of traffic they’re trying to attract and turn into a lead. Most just think traffic is traffic, but nothing could be farther from the truth. You always want to attract action takers in your traffic generation efforts. A good, targeted MLM network marketing lead is worth its weight in gold in our business. Look at some of the action words I use generously:




How to

Get rid





These words scream “I’m looking for a solution to my problem”, so use them generously as to attract non-tire kickers. Also use Google to come up with more. I get out my master list whenever I’m copywriting to ensure I’m attracting the right kind of MLM network marketing lead.


  • What’s the amount of traffic you really need- Most people don’t give this one a second thought. Well, that is except the heavy hitters that blow up their network marketing business. Most folks would just answer “as much as possible” which is not a good strategy necessarily. When you’re on a tight marketing budget and generating most of your own leads, then you want to be as specific as possible. Do the numbers. Find out from your company or upline the average leads to sales ratio, or leads to presentations ratio, etc. This way you can get laser targeted in your business and possibly steer some time away from lead generation efforts and direct it towards honing your closing or recruiting skills.


  • Draw up a lead generation daily schedule- If generating the majority of your own MLM network marketing leads is your goal, then a daily, specific schedule must be in place. Using an Excel spreadsheet helped me a lot. Just put together a simple schedule with the days and hours available and then block out certain times each day for your targeted, lead generation efforts. Everyone has their favorite methods for getting free traffic such as forum marketing, video marketing or writing articles just to name a few. None of these will work unless you are diligent in your efforts by utilizing them each and every day. Using a daily schedule alleviates this problem. The trick to generating free types of MLM network marketing leas is consistency plain and simple.


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