MLM Leads and Sexual Maturity: Is There a Connection?

sex and mlmMLM Leads…

Could sex and the mlm lead have anything in common? Absolutely they could, and they do. Here you will discover the similarities and how you can apply the these techniques to explode your mlm lead generation efforts

  • Does Anybody Really Love Mondays?

Man we hated Mondays! We were 14 years old and knew everything about everything like most teens. One thing we knew without question was, there were 5 school days until “Friday Night”.

Oh, the anticipation of Friday night. Friday night meant “Playland Skating Rink”.  I would assume that most folks 40+ had one in their town, city or neighborhood which became the hangout for tweens and teenagers alike.

  • We Lived in a Simpler Time for Sure…

This of course was before the days of the 14 year olds sneaking into nightclubs becoming so popular, or before having affairs with your Algebra teacher was in vogue…a much simpler time for sure, or so it seemed. It was certainly before I ever thought about generating an mlm lead, that’s for sure.

Trust me, at that age and being male, our sexuality was developing alright, we just didn’t know what to do about it, except be confused like all the other boys our age. So, we just walked around the rink all night scoping out the girls

  • A One Woman Man at 14…

Now, I’ve always been a “one woman” man, even at that age. I would mentally choose “the girl” that I would pursue at the rink and pursue her and her only. Well, not really pursue, more like go stand close to her during “couples skate”, and hope she came up to me and asked me to skate with her.

I was scared to death and didn’t have a clue what I was doing of course. I was somewhat of a nerd you could say. I was just hoping there would be some way that me and that special girl of my dreams could be together that Friday night.

Sometimes it worked out by some twist of fate, but over the length of my total time spent at the rink, my ratios certainly didn’t work out in my favor.

Then there were “those guys” on Friday nights. You know the ones, the flowing hair like Shaun Cassidy and the swagger of Tom Cruise. They showed no girl respect and hit on all of them in any given night, not unlike “old school” mlm lead generation.

The Success of the MLM Lead Generating Bee

Were they successful in their pursuit of the most beautiful girl in the rink on any given night? Absolutely they were! The ratios worked out great for them because they were speaking to all 30 girls in the rink that night, not just 1 or 2 like I did.

Those “cool” dudes got the girls more often and with better consistency. Sure, they dealt with some rejection I’m sure, but with another one right around the corner, you just learn to get over it quickly.

MLM Leads and a Sex Connection?

Having an MLM lead generation or network marketing business is very similar, and for many folks that is hard to swallow. How could anyone not be just overjoyed to join you in your newfound venture?

Especially, when this potential mlm lead seemed so interested last week, and now they’re giving you the cold shoulder, seemingly no longer available, but you keep calling them and calling them expecting them to finally pick up and welcome your call once again. That my friends is desperation and folks can smell it a mile away.

Ya see, it’s nothing personal. The old salesman adage “some will, some won’t, so what” still holds true today, even when trying to generate an MLM lead. But that is what makes having an MLM business online so cool. You offset any rejection with more and more leads.

And that’s what a good MLM lead generation system will do for you.

It will teach you how to generate massive amounts of a targeted, interested, mlm leads and do it on autopilot. Leads that have asked to become part of your list. Unlike the so called leads that are hiding from you when you call to speak to them.

This might be hard for someone that didn’t come from a sales background, but it’s true. When you’re generating more leads than you know what to do with utilizing a mlm lead generation system, then you can speak from a position of leadership.

You can become an “alpha” instead of a “beta”. People don’t follow followers; they follow leaders, it’s human nature.

My business really didn’t start taking off until I started using the MLM lead generation system I’m using now. It taught me how to utilize methods that were non-evasive and rejection free. It helped me become more magnetic in a sense.

Article Marketing & Video is Worth Mentioning Here..

Once I mastered article marketing for mlm lead generation, and implemented it along with video marketing, well, you could say there was no looking back at that point.

Video marketing when paired with a good article marketing campaign is simply a powerhouse and nothing can compare really when generating your own mlm leads. Video marketing is quickly becoming what article marketing was a few years back.

It is literally exploding today and will continue well into the future. Just look at the percentages of people online that are searching for videos. Many folks utilize You Tube now just as they used Google just a short time ago…as their primary search engine and information source for generating mlm leads and a host of other things in their life.

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