MLM Lead Generation: The Common Misconceptions That Trap So Many in the Business

MLM Lead Generation…


seems to be a mystery to so many in network marketing. It’s a
very common misconception perpetuated by the unknowing that get lured into our
business. I can’t say all the blame is put on their back because they have the
excuse of being new.


Much of it can be put on the untrained sponsor of that newbie.
Once again, not necessarily their entire fault either.


Too many folks have been led to believe it’s all about having a perfect blog or website, perfect capture
pages or videos, but they are mistaken, plain and simple.


MLM Lead Generation doesn’t’ have to be as hard as people make it out to be.


There is a process that precedes everything else in the mlm lead
process, and too many unsuspecting, network marketing newbies
don’t realize it until many times it’s too late and they quit.


That’s usually when they start program jumping looking for that
special program that will change their life. If they only knew they probably
had that program all along, but they just were not trained in how to get people
to see their offerings.


 The Art of MLM Lead Generation, Starts When People See What You Have First

You can have 100 websites and capture pages, but if nobody sees
them, you will not generate even one mlm lead, and that’s where the confusion
comes in.


That old adage, “build it and they will come”, does not apply
online…plain and simple.


You must master the skill of generating traffic first, regardless
how you think your websites, blogs and capture pages look.


Too much time can be
spent getting the aesthetics just right on everything, before mastering the art
of traffic generation.


This results in losing valuable time, which usually equates to a
smaller bank account and a network marketing business owner that may get down
on themselves.


Emotion is created by motion; just make sure it’s the right
motion. You can have mediocre sites, blogs, etc, but if you have thousands of
people visiting those sites, mlm lead generation  becomes easier and easier.


Lead Generation and Momentum


The snowball effect soon takes over once you’ve mastered the art
of creating and driving traffic. It’s really simple, when you drive more
traffic to your sites, the mlm lead
process will then will start to take over. Once you put it into
perspective, the concept really does make sense.


You just learned the most pertinent part of the mlm lead
process is traffic. Now, let’s discuss a couple of aspects directly
related to mlm lead generation that
come once the prospect gets to your site or capture page.


Your capture page must have some thought put into it. Don’t just
throw anything together without giving it some attention.


First, headlines must be catchy and stop someone in their tracks.


When writing ad copy just remember that you are only trying to get
them to read the next line, and then the next. Don’t complicate it. Most times
less is better and a clear, concise, congruent message will always win out.


Keep in mind, you just want them on your list at this point, so whatever your free
gift or training is, ensure it’s something that’s hot right now in internet


Once you’ve mastered these 2 simple ingredients to mlm lead generation, you’re ahead of
90% of the people in network marketing.
Get really good at these first and your mlm business will start to really take off.


Our business involves a learning curve, but once you get even
these two simple concepts down, you then pay it forward and teach your team
members how to do it as well.


Duplication Becomes Vital for a Team…


A good network marketing team is all about being able to duplicate
processes. At this point, even recruiting people onto your team becomes easier.


Ya see, when you prove to them you can drive insane amounts of traffic, then
people will start to follow you because of it.


Just like others will follow you because you’ve demonstrated an
understanding of video marketing, twitter marketing or article marketing.


As you learn more ways to master mlm lead
, you can see how quickly your business can grow.



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