The MLM Call Center: Can It Help a Newcomer to the MLM Business?

The MLM Call Center


In this day and age of the fast profits and quick results mentality, the mlm call center has become a tool that many companies are utilizing these days, and some are very successful in doing it. Well, I guess it depends on how you measure success, right?

MLM Call Center

Let’s look at it from the company perspective. They receive a fee for their services (usually a mo. fee) paid by the associates that signed up for the company’s marketing program.


Most of them already have the vehicle in place to field inbound calls and to make the one or two outbound calls to prospects that either requested additional information or paid an application fee to find out more about the


=>Now, do you think the company is in a good position?<<=

They will lose no money, ever and they can control the process from the start, which means they can keep a really “promising” prospect for their own downlines, because more times than not the “closers” that call your potential customers back are also in the business just like you, but have already reached a certain level of success (Presidential or Diamond or whatever they call it in their program), and therefore this whole situation could be considered a conflict of interest couldn’t it?


*********Being out of control is not a reason I have my online business**********

Especially when someone can just “cherry pick” the leads that I’ve worked hard to get or even worse, paid to get. Someone might say they provide a much needed service in this world of no time for anything else but that J.O.B. and my kids and I would say there is some truth to that.


If  a person has $100-$200 per month just to pay for this service (some are more), and an additional $1,000-$2,000 per month for marketing and can quickly get several “high ticket” sales and commissions, then yes, it would be considered a good decision.


And keep in mind, your program then would have to be a Top Tier program not a traditional MLM.

It is sad to say but many people today cannot afford that kind of money for 3-4 months to get going. Also, in the present environment, building trust and rapport with prospects is key. How in the world can you do that especially when your product may cost $1000, $2000 or even $8000? You can’t if an mlm call center is doing the so called rapport building for you.


Many associates are simply making money from the 20-25 people that pay an app fee which runs $30-$40, plus a preliminary “to become a rep” sign up fee of $100-$200. These together can add up to $3000-$4000 by themselves, even if nobody signs up for their higher priced products.


And where does that leave the new associate?

It leaves them $200-$250 poorer and a sponsor that will never call them back because they have no vested interest in that new associate.


Folks, the mlm recruiting code was finally broken years ago. Mike Dillard has taught this for years now and really changed the aspect of recruiting; it’s really about building “You Inc”. You must provide leadership, training and value plain and simple. You have to become an “alpha” personality.


If that’s not you, you must learn from those that are.


Study what they do, watch what they teach and hang out in their presence whenever possible and you too can learn the traits of the Alpha Networker.

The true alpha will eventually have an MLM Call Center doing the heavy lifting for them and qualifying their leads. They would have reached a certain level of success that only allows them to speak to the super serious, super qualified prospects about joining their business.


Many of these heavy hitters have 2,000 visitors to their site or blog per day. They simply have to get a vehicle like the mlm call center in place to help filter through the tire kickers, otherwise they would get nowhere, there’s just not enough time in the day.


But that’s not what we’re talking about here…

In the beginning you just cannot have someone else building that all important relationship for you, unless you just have thousands and thousands of dollars to throw at your business and most do not. The relationship should have already started being built by the vehicle and presentations you have in place that create a magnetic force attracting people to you.


Well, so much for being a short post. Let me just leave you with this.

As I said, In the beginning, unless you have $2000-$3000 to spend each and every month, call your own prospects back. Not only will they appreciate it but if they do come on board with you, they will be more likely to take the action steps and training to heart that you’re providing, resulting in a more profitable business model for them and for you in the long run as their sponsor.


Just remember, if you’re just starting out and you have limited marketing funds and you want to build it the right way, then you don’t need an MLM Call Center.


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