MLM Advertising Faux Pas-What Not to Do

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Finding success in your MLM business will be a discouraging ordeal unless you have skills in marketing and the perseverance to learn from a knowledgeable MLM mentor.

Starting in the MLM business was no picnic for myself, I didn’t know what I was doing, therefore failure was just around the corner. My frustration level was at it’s highest and my wallet was at it’s lowest. I was determined to never give up. Enough on that subject, being a crybaby is really not my style.

I had a period of time where I was experimenting with different tactics. While uncovering the secrets of MLM advertising and marketing methods that could take me to the levels in my life I only dreamed of, I went through many stages of trying and analyzing many contrasting mechanisms on line.

Fortunately, a few of them performed magnificently and some just bombed and in a big way. Needless to say, those are permanently gone from David Lee’s box of mlm advertising tricks and should be gone from yours as well. Well here it is…

Actively trying to get more favorable search engine rankings utilizing unethical and deceitful methods is know as using “Black Hat” MLM advertising techniques. Using “tricking” or “misleading” techniques to get higher search engine rankings has become commonplace in the industry today but should be avoided at all costs.

Not only is this aggravating for the millions of folks being led to click on certain pages looking for something, only to be led to a page that couldn’t be farther in content from what they were searching. The search engines hate it and the marketers that participate are constantly changing tactics to try and stay one step ahead of Google.

The following characteristics are indicative of Black Hat MLM Advertising and Marketing:

  • search engine rules and regulations are broken

  • A poor visitor experience is translated on the Web simply because of these misleading SEO techniques

  • content is presented in a misleading way both visually and non-visually to the search engines, engine users, and search engine spiders.

Black Hat MLM advertising techniques are always short lived. I was tempted to delve into that dark, uncertain world to try and get ahead but realized I like sleeping at night and do quite well now, thank you.

For a time, I thought that I could build a business through ‘black hat’ strategies. The problem was, I realized it was unethical and couldn’t continue doing it after I saw the reasons why the search engines hated it.

After seeing many in the business crash and burn, I just came to the realization, if I were going to build a successful, long term MLM business on line, that being frank, genuine and open were the only way to go .

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