Michael Dlouhy-Is he the mlm guru you’ve been searching for?

So who is Michael Dlouhy?

Finding that perfect “MLM Guru” seems to be getting tougher every day in the network marketing industry. Even though Michael Dloughy is doing it differently, that doesn’t mean he is the one for you.


michael dlouhyFirst, there is no such thing as the perfect MLM Guru for starters. Secondly, you can’t be all things to all people, even in the network marketing business. Therefore, Michael Dlouhy is the perfect mentor for many in the mlm industry, while possibly falling short for others in business.


Sounds redundant but let’s look at Michael Dlouhy and his body of work in more detail.


Does the Eighth Grade Education Define Michael Dlouhy?


He does not hide the fact that he has an eighth grade education. This fact alone probably helps more than harms. In network marketing more millionaires have been created than in any other industry, and even more without formal educations, therefore I don’t believe it has affected his business in a negative way, on the contrary really.


Michael has taken an unconventional approach to his mlm business, and really when you think about it, it’s simply genius. Even though he hasn’t developed some magical new, make a million overnight while sitting on your butt program, he has taken an idea and created a different training environment indeed.


Michael Dlouhy Has Been Around The MLM Block


After starting in network marketing back in 1979 officially, he actually didn’t go full time until 1991. Dlouhy himself admits to joining over 100 different mlm companies to gain an education in the business like no other, and that was just over the course of one and a half years.


Michael Dlouhy himself has a “do what you want” attitude when it comes to mlm recruiting. His passive mentality when it comes to recruiting has seemed to work well. This doesn’t necessarily equate to a passive attitude when it comes to his organization and business as a whole, quite the contrary actually.


He hosts free training webinars and conferences each and every week, not to mention mlm recruiting calls as well. His model of free training and mentoring for everyone regardless of mlm company affiliation, has served him well. It really has become a magnet for future mlm heavy hitters.


Without a doubt, Michael has learned much from his network marketing ventures, therefore publishing eBooks titled Powerful Networking Secrets and Success In Ten Steps. Both of these creations are highly regarded in the network marketing community even today.


******Should “Free” Be Michael’s Middle Name******


But does this the “free training”, “free mentoring” and “free everything else” make Michael Dlouhy the second coming of Christ as they say? Some would certainly argue the fact, but one thing is for sure. This “Ill train you for free” mentality is simply a marketing tactic, that’s all.


Think about it for a minute. Michael might say, “I will train you for free”, “I will train your downline for free”, and “I will even hold free webinars to train your organization for free”, and do all of this without ever promoting his own network marketing opportunity.


Does this sound too good to be true? Possibly, but one thing is for sure, Michael Dlouhy is the real deal. You might question his network marketing tactics or his mlm recruiting methods, but his body of work speaks for itself.


Too many people looking at network marketing as a business simply get caught up in the product, company or compensation plan, when really it’s just about finding a mentor that can show you how to market and recruit, plain and simple. There are no perfect products or companies, only a perfect marketing system or structure for “your style” that will bring you success.


As far as knowing if Michael Dlouhy is a great guy deep inside, who knows really, possibly his wife. But is that really what you want to know when looking for a mentor? Listen, we won’t all agree on the personal philosophies of each potential marketing partner, jv partner or future mentor we encounter or search out.


But, if the mentor we choose helps you get to “that place”, whatever that is for you, then they have done their job, and Michael Dlouhy has certainly done his.


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