Melaleuca Scam: 5 Tips That Make the Melaleuca Scam a Falsehood

Melaleuca scam…

is a term that is simply overused today, as is so many other mlm companies and the word scam. Here you will discover 5 eye opening facts the competition doesn’t want you to know about the term Melaleuca Scam. If you’re anything like I was, wanting the truth behind Melaleuca, then stay tuned to find out the truth about the melaleuca scam fallacy.


melaleuca scamSo you want to finally discover the truth about the Melaleuca scam terminology? Is the company or the opportunity for real? Looking online you will find no shortage of the Melaleuca scam phrase. Don’t feel lost because I was once in your shoes as well.


Just like you, I found myself sitting for hours on end in front of my computer trying to do as much research about all the different mlm companies out there. And let me tell you, after working that J.O.B. all day, getting kids from daycare, getting the kids dinner, showers, homework, time with my wife, well, let’s just say stress!


Finding the truth about the Melaleuca scam…


misconception may be tougher than you think, but hopefully I can put your mind to rest in this short synopsis. I am going to prove to you that the Melaleuca scam terminology is overused and ill founded.


Nevertheless, I must tell you up front that I have no vested interest in Melaleuca. I am not a representative; therefore I can give you an unbiased review of the Melaleuca Scam terminology, while providing you with the information you need about the Melaleuca Company itself based specifically on facts.



Here are the 5 Melaleuca Observations that Disprove the Scam Misconception


Melaleuca Scam Tip #1: Is the company established and been around more than 5 years? This relates to Melaleuca itself, not any of the upline teams or companies they may have put together to market Melaleuca products.


Yes, Melaleuca has been in business over 25 years making it one of the older, established mlm companies around today.


Melaleuca Scam Tip #2: Are the products “evergreen” meaning will they be around for an infinite amount of time?


Yes, the original Melaleuca product line is nutritional, which is one of the largest niches in the world today. Not only does Melaleuca continue to grow, but they have also expanded into “green products” for the home, such as cleaners, etc….very “Amway like”.


Melaleuca Scam Tip #3: Can you generate immediate, substantial income? As a new representative of an mlm company, too many people just don’t have access to enough capital to finance the proper marketing efforts to be successful.


Unfortunately, in Melaleuca like so many other network marketing companies, the ability to generate any substantial commission is severely limited by available marketing money, a real time, technology driven marketing system and the ability to create instant, substantial commissions that will perpetuate the successful growth of your newfound mlm business.


WARNING:  Whatever you do, do not neglect the above information or take it lightly if you want to build a successful Melaleuca business. Don’t end up one of those disgruntled former representatives crying “Melaleuca Scam.”


Melaleuca Scam Tip #4: Does Melaleuca stand behind its products? This is an easy one. Absolutely they do. Their products seem to be competitive priced compared to other nutritional mlm companies, while also offering a 100% money back guarantee.


They will refund your money if not satisfied even if the product is mostly used up. That within itself says something about the company, so yes they have a good product and customer service reputation.


That is unless you speak to one of the thousands of disgruntled ex-reps that bad mouth the company, just like they would any company they were involved with and failed. As mentioned above, these are usually the ones that throw around the Melaleuca Scam terminology.


Melaleuca Scam Tip #5: Does Melaleuca have a marketing arm in place to assist its distributors? Yes they do but unfortunately, they still subscribe to the “old school” marketing strategies as their primary source of generating business.


This means creating your warm list of 100, bothering friends and family, and buying mlm leads to call. These are really inefficient methods given the leverage that is the internet today.


Creating an environment where prospects are drawn to you by way of your attraction model is the key today. Creating value and projecting leadership while having a lead generating system in place is key to your success. But most importantly, having the ability to drive targeted, motivated traffic to your sites is imperative.


Forget the Melaleuca Scam claims and start worrying about other areas of your business.


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