Make Money in Network Marketing: 5 Steps For Instant Success

How to make money in network marketing,

has been a question that’s puzzled millions in the mlm industry for years now. If you’re
like me and have wasted thousands of dollars and even years of your precious
time trying to break the network marketing code, well then, this article is for


These 5 all important action steps will put you into the fast lane to success in your
network marketing business like they did mine. But only if you implement them
consistently and with a burning persistence for success in your mlm business.


I used to be one of those guys watching the videos of all these superstars, these
mlm heavy hitters if you will, strut their stuff across the stages picking up
awards, prizes and massive bonus checks and wondering just how in the world do
these guys do this? Especially after doing my research and finding out that
I’ve got more sales experience, account building experience and telephone
experience than most of them put together.


I used to wonder that but…


After 3 years in network marketing, fortunately I can say that I’ve figured how to
make money in network marketing. I now have the joy of working my business full
time now from the comfort of my home office, but it wasn’t always like that.


To make money in network marketing there is a process for everything done online.
I failed miserably my first year and wasted our life savings of $12,000, with
my wife just about ready to kick me out of the house.


I’m going to share these secrets with you to hopefully shorten your learning curve
and get you up on that stage sooner than you thought. Just forget anything that
you were taught about warm market and giving out business cards to every
stranger you meet in the mall.


The fact is, 90% of the customers that purchase products in network marketing, are
the actual people looking for that business opportunity that’s attached to it,
so why in the world would you seek out strangers on the street or hound your
neighbors and friends? It doesn’t make sense, and that’s why it’s too difficult
in this day and age of technology to build it that way.


You have to change your mindset and start thinking about how you can make yourself
more valuable to the network marketing community as a whole.  Plain and simple, it’s about branding and
attraction marketing which the likes of Mike Dillard and Ann Seig somewhat
pioneered back in the day.


Let’s just get right into it:


1)     Join one quality internet marketing forum and tribe group. Look for groups with a lot of
current, active participation and a fairly large number of members. You can
consider a moderate sized one as long as there is insane activity on it. Also,
look around before any direct participation and see if there’s a lot of
negativity within the forum or tribe. I used to love Warrior Forum but over the
last few years it seems the attacking and rude comments have gotten out of
control, but that’s your call.


2)     Create a self hosted WordPress blog (not on Blogger or Squidoo), and start writing and
sharing stories, thoughts and tips as you come across them. You don’t have to
be a Pulitzer Prize winner either. If you come across new killer software, just
write about it, your likes and dislikes. A lot of your page rank will come
later because of the amount of time you’ve had your blog up and running with
quality content.


3)     Stop pushing and advertising your wares on Face Book or Twitter. Things are changing
and to rank on page one of Google on the organic(free) side, social proof is
becoming more and more important, not just back links and on page seo. Treat
social sites as you would your blog.


A place to share opinions or helpful free training for anyone out there. If people see you as wanting to help them
without expecting anything in return, they will be more likely to listen, watch
and interact with you. This sets the stage for a more positive future business


4)     Write articles and submit them to reputable article directories. If your blog posts
are a minimum of 500 words, you can always use those as your articles and input
keyword anchor texted links back to the same blog post that’s on your blog.
Syndicating your content has become more important than ever, regardless of the
nature, articles, videos blog posts, etc.


5)     Create training videos and post them all over the internet utilizing video submission
services like Traffic Geyser or Tube Mogul. Also post them to your YouTube
channel, but keep in mind YouTube has really cracked down on affiliates or
sites that seem to commercial or spammy, so be careful. If you just make
training videos that don’t really push a specific product and have the video
link back to your blog, you should be okay.


That is as long as the home page of your blog isn’t covered in banner ads and sidebar advertisements. If you truly
want to make money in network marketing, then your blog shouldn’t appear that
way anyway. Remember, you’re providing value without expecting anything in
return; that is key in today’s network marketing environment.


Putting others first, expecting nothing in return and providing tons of value are the
general steps for success. Becoming an authority in your field is key to make
money in network marketing.



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