Is The “Winning Edge Theory” for Real?

I was thinking back to a few months ago and today I wanted to quickly go over the “Winning Edge Theory” put forth by Brian Tracy.

Fundamentally, he speaks about how the top 2% of people in any venture or area of life are in that position simply because they have only 3% more knowledge…and they apply it.

I recall when I first heard him say that, I was listening to my mp3 player while running and it really interested me quite a bit. Especially since I was really striving to make any money in this business.
So what is Brian Tracy’s suggestion for breaking into that top echelon of the 3% club?

Very simply, start reading and studying in the morning just one hour each and every guess what? I did it! I was snatching anything and everything I could get my hands on about marketing, the power of attraction, mindset and the power of influence.

David Lee began educating himself every day and really honing his skills in many ways. (Sorry, I went off into a 3rd person thing for a minute). Within a few short months I noticed things were changing and I was actually making money in this business for a change.

I wanted to make this post to just help you challenge yourself and if you’re serious about having success in your life and your business, then you must, absolutely, without any hesitation whatsoever, start investing in your education.

It will pay off in ways you can’t realize right now. Don’t have the money to spend on cd’s and books? Then go to the library. Do the things that the 2% club do.

So today, look in the mirror and take stock and make note of the areas you can improve upon. Surround yourself with the materials and the type of people you need to help you in your journey.

And if you think this type of education is “for the birds“, then I can promise you one thing…

A year from now you will be right where you are today, because even though I’m really a marketer, it all begins first with personal development…PERIOD!

Live for Today,


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