Internet Niche Marketing-It’s Easier than You think

Internet Niche Marketing and having success in the home based business arena is difficult within itself. My goodness, at the least 95% fail just in the first 3 years alone. Finding a very specific niche and just concentrating on marketing only to that niche can be a very lucrative way to quick success in your business, especially on the internet.

Trying to recruit anyone and everyone simply spreads you thin and makes you a jack of all trades and master of none.

What I’ve learned in marketing on the internet is that the ones that carve out that very specific niche, usually have personal experience in it, therefore they can draw from that experience and have much better success building a new relationship with their potential prospect….it works folks.

A teacher feels more comfortable speaking to a teacher or someone in the educational field. A former realtor is more comfortable taking with people that worked or work in real estate. Get the picture?

This can also close an age gap on the telephone. If a 22yr old man speaks to a 60 yr old woman, many times the connection is not made but if he worked at a mortgage company and she is a retired realtor then you can see how that would work to your advantage.

Internet niche marketing is real and I’m sure you can see how the chances of these two having a connection and long term business relationship are increased exponentially.

Many might argue this fact stating that sales is sales and it’s all about the numbers but remember this…we are talking about an internet business, therefore never before has it been more important to build that relationship.

The fact that the person is not meeting you in person means you have to find other ways to make that connection and what better way than to have former vocational experience in common?

Now I’m not saying don’t speak to those outside your niche. That just wouldn’t be wise either. Just remember to put most of your pro-active marketing efforts into a well defined niche that you personally have some experience in, or at least a related field. Your ROI will be higher and your frustration level will be lower. Not to mention rejection numbers should also be lower.

“I don’t have a niche” you say. That’s what you think. When you think of a niche, you have to go beyond thinking just of former jobs or positions. Don’t be short-sighted in your thought processes. What have you done for a living the last 20 yrs? What clubs have you belonged to? Of what sororities were you a member? What are your hobbies now?

Any thing you can bring up or target to have something in common can go along way to developing that long, profitable business relationship.

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