How to Use Twitter-And Not Use Twitter

Twitter is just a software or tool that asks a question…”What are you up to right now?” Anyone can simply “connect” real time via Twitter utilizing messages called “tweets”.


“Let the World know what You’re doing right now!


Anyone can simply respond to the above question with information concerning their world and their present activities, business, feelings and emotions – whatever you think people will want to know. But there are some general “rules of etiquette” you may want to pay attention to if you want a following.


Don’t just post links or dead tags…


It seems these days I’m meeting more and more people who feel the pressure to “tweet”, “re-tweet” or post links or tags that go nowhere…don’t even mention tiny urls. Many feel forced to jump in or simply get left behind. In today’s social environment, if you’re not using the latest, greatest, program to stay in touch, then you are simply out of the “loop!”


“Twitter is the new e-mail”. It’s been said that admitting you don’t use Twitter is like saying you don’t have an e-mail account. This is more true today then ever before. Because of the speed of technology, if you just learn to use Twitter now, you won’t feel so “grandma” like when someone asks, “do you tweet”?


Twitter and marketing don’t mix…not yet anyway!


It seems unavoidable but as more people are tweeting, the entrepreneur minded are scrambling to harness the power of Twitter for commercial profit. Many an expert have yet to isolate any real methods that result in guaranteed success. After years in sales and marketing, I know one thing for sure. There is nothing stronger than the entrepreneur spirit and one day soon, one of these forward thinkers will find a way, trust me.


Fight Club…?


But as it stands today, a majority of users appreciate the marketing resistance residing in Twitter. That fact really appeals to the masses that use it and is one of the reasons it has gotten so huge. Learn how to use Twitter and you wont have to deal with all those pesky marketers found on other social networks.As popular as Twitter has become, there’s almost an underground “fight club” feel to it. I think it’s funny that so many marketers are puzzled.


If you’re too busy to Tweet, maybe you shouldn’t Tweet


Trust me they will continue to try. Free enterprise is a great thing but c’mon…a company to tweet on behalf of their “busy “clients? I believe the money could be well spent elsewhere. Corporate tweeters are not pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes. Simply interrupting a conversation for a brief moment will only result in being ignored for the moron that you are.


Makes it easier to speak your mind…


Learn how to use Twitter and you’re given the feeling of authenticity. Peoples feelings and emotions are “out there” for everyone to see, just like their having a real conversation with you. There can almost be a voyeur feel to it sometimes depending on the posts, conversations, etc. Maybe that’s some of the attraction as well. It’s like a very secretive conversation between two good friends being SCREAMED OUT at a huge party, therefore you must be careful the way you join in…be sensitive.


The Golden Rule is always a good guide, even on Twitter…


People need a reason to follow you, so give them one. You made friends at school, college, the workplace, right? This is no different. Marketing concepts don’t really work here, but “schoolyard” common sense does. Learn how to use Twitter and just pretend your in front of your friend, neighbor, or co-worker in body and you should certainly be okay.



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