Free Sales Script for Acquiring More MLM Prospects Online

Let’s be honest here: Sales, call backs, closing, and overcoming objections are all things most people would rather run from than embrace. The old “used car salesman” or the “late night telemarketer” come to mind many times when you mention any of these terms in the same breath with the telephone.


Times have changed and many of these stereotypes are slowly fading in memory. A free sales script might help, but the traditional type is just not needed in today’s environment.

“Offer Value and Leadership First”


But one thing is absolutely for sure in your online marketing or network marketing business…you must talk to people to be really successful. Too many replicated websites will tell you otherwise, but send them money and join their “next greatest program” and you will quickly discover what I’m talking about here.

To be a success online, we must position ourselves as a leader. Someone that can offer value, someone that can train people to be successful online also. Someone that has a good mentor and has their finger on the pulse of the network marketing industry as a whole.

“Set Yourself Apart”


When a prospect opts into one of your sites, most ill-informed network marketers just let their auto responder take it from there. This is a colossal mistake. If the prospect opted into 10 sites that day, who would stand out? The answer is nobody!

That is unless you are the only one that gave them a courtesy call. Notice the word courtesy here. We don’t use the typical free”sales script” for this call. We just don’t have to deal with those nasty rebuttals and closing statements like in the “old days.”

“Old School Doesn’t Work Anymore”


To position yourself as a leader, you must not chase people or prospects or close, close, close either. Those are old school telemarketing type tactics and just plain outdated..especially in an online business today.

A leader in network marketing positions themselves in a way to “attract prospects” and have them chasing you instead. It makes for a much more relaxed environment for both involved. Now, below is a
“Free Sales Script”
that I use on every call back. Sorry, my mistake…a courtesy call back script.


Here’s the Free Sales Script


Hello John,” (Prospect)

I noticed that you opted into my website today and I just wanted to give you a courtesy call and briefly connect with you on the phone, I like to let people know that I am a real person, so I wanted to call you and see if you had any questions or comments for me?”

When John starts speaking you will know immediately if they spent any time on your site or not. If they can’t remember your site, then no they didn’t, but if they start rattling off a bunch of questions then your site made some impact but they didn’t read slowly or thoroughly enough. In that case here’s what I say next…

Hey John (Prospect), For these types of questions, we have a process in place, grab a pen and paper so I can give you some more info.”

Or, I will answer 1 or 2 questions and then say, “Ya know John, I can see you have more questions than we really have time for right now, so since we really have a process in place to handle this, go grab a pen and paper so I can give you some important info.”

Then say, “Go to this website… and go through all the information slowly and carefully, then watch all the videos and listen to all the audios as well.”

Then say, “Now take this number down…123-123-1243, this is my direct phone number and I work 10-7 Mon-Fri, give me a call and I will answer any questions you may have at that time…FAIR ENOUGH?” 

Ok, the “fair enough” is very important. Do not ask them a closed-ended question, leave it open ended somewhat. I’ve never had a single person say “no it’s not fair”…it just doesn’t happen.

Now if they do not call you back, you may want to make one follow-up call, only because you may not have enough leads yet to just let it go at this point.

I don’t call people back at that point, but that is because I have so many leads coming in now, that I just don’t have to anymore and one day soon, you will have the same wonderful problem if you build your business right and choose your mentor carefully.

If you want to learn to EXPLODE your business and have all the targeted MLM Leads you can handle, fill in your name, email and phone number on the form to the right, so we can talk about how you can TRULY start making some real money and realistically start building a genuine, sit on the beach drinking daiquiris, leveraged business.  

This free sales script will help you do that!

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