Free MLM Leads-Get Yours Utilizing Quality Back Links!

There are literally hundreds of ways to acquiring free mlm leads. One way is to get high ranking back links to your so you can rank high in the search engines. Ranking high is just one of the things you need to accomplish to get free mlm leads. We will get into my free method shortly.

It’s common knowledge in the MLM industry that more relevant content and more relevant back links from high ranking sites equates to higher rankings for your sites. Not utilizing these free mlm lead generators is simply foolish, that is unless you love wasting your marketing budget.

The method I use quite often is somewhat rare in the sense not as many people use it as they do other expensive methods. It may seem a bit labor intensive for some but I can tell you this…it is absolutely a great way to get free mlm leads and high page rank.

Marketing gurus and some self proclaimed marketing geniuses bombard us daily with their solicited and non-solicited emails. All of which promise the next over night fortune without any work or the promise of 10,000 unique visitors in 24 hours.

I may not read them all line by line but I do skim most of them. Ninety nine percent of the time there is an offer to opt in for the free report or e book in exchange for joining their list.

Now, here is what I do. I will opt in for the free report which is usually some re manufactured, outdated information, but they will send it to me regardless.

I know you may be thinking to yourself, “why in the world would he want to be on all those lists, right?” No doubt they continue to send me information on their latest and greatest products. I want on their lists for one and only one reason…to help me with my quest for free mlm leads.

Most of the true marketing gurus have very unique blogs of their own and many are very established, have been around for years and have very high page rankings. Why not take advantage of that? And that’s exactly what I do.

Many times these guys will request that you leave comment on their blog regarding their latest “greatest” product or their “marketing blueprint” for success, etc. Leaving a positive comment in their blog about their product is simply genius, think about it.

Of course in our raving review (if you haven’t used the product, have the decency to research it a bit), we will also include a back link to our blog. So simple and easy but very few do it anymore.

Abracadabra! A quality back link that is free and from a very high page ranking blog. Using your real email address and correct URL is essential. Also, try to write something constructive and pertinent, not just a “great product, thanks”

Now ,your page slowly ranks higher in relevance and any content you put out there, be it an article, video, etc will rank higher on the organic side and produce more free  mlm leads from your mlm leads generating efforts.

Getting Free MLM leads can be fun but the most satisfying feeling is knowing it cost you absolutely nothing whatsoever.

Live for Today,

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