That Free Thing: 5 Facts That Could Make You Skeptical About a That Free Thing Business

Not a Lot Of information on That Free Thing…


Like you, I wanted to know as much about That Free Thing as I possibly could. I must say gathering information on this new
network marketing company was difficult at best. Read through this quick and easy guide to discover the 5 things you might need to be skeptical about when researching That Free Thing, the new network marketing company.


That Free Thing Fact #1:


That Free Thing is another new network marketing company throwing its hat into the MLM ring. That Free Thing actually started its operation back in 2007, but they went into pre launch with its present, new network marketing model in March of this year, 2011.


When the company began back in 2007, it had a very similar model in the sense itprovided free stuff to its members by way of a membership fee that was chargedto active participants. That Free Thing previously had reports of a membership topping the 100,000 mark.


That Free Thing Fact #2:


As of March 2011, That Free Thing now markets its memberships by way of a network marketing model. Free stuff is marketed to its active reps through a monthly membership fee of just $9.95.


The actual merchandise can be tangible such as clothing, shoes, or even a house as they promote on the company site. They also market intangible goods such as different free services, free travel, free trials, etc. the range of products offered can be quite diversified.


That Free Thing acquires the majority of products by way of free trials offered by other companies. Corporate’s job is basically to scour the universe or should I say internet for these “free deals” and the authorized That Free Thing representatives are given access to market the service to others.


That Free Thing Fact #3:


The Company’s founder, Seth Frazier, who was also the man in charge back when the company originally started, has become known as the “Freebie King” since developing innate skills for producing free offer deals from other companies.


Background on other principals involved with the company I found to be sketchy at best. The only address I could find for That Free Thing was in Denver, Co and any additional information isjust hard to come by.


Not being able to locate more in depth information on either the company itself or the people behind the company, raises suspicions certainly. Always remember to do your own due diligence when investigating any network marketing company, or any company for that matter.


That Free Thing Fact #4:


That Free Thing calls the representatives or members; “Free Loaders” The registration fee to become a Free Loader is just $25. The monthly membership fee is just $9.95, which is certainly affordable by everyone, even the indigent when you think about it.


This entitles the Free Loader to receive just 5 free things per week. If you choose to become a business builder you can gain access to the That Free Thing video email system, company advertising co-ops and a back office environment.


That Free Thing Fact #5:


The Company has decided on a 3 x 8 forced matrix compensation structure which are not as common in network marketing as others. Their matrix has matching bonuses down through 3 generations and commissions are distributed both on new signups and the monthly $9.95 membership fees.


This compensation structure means that your down line associate team would be three wide and down eight deep. The so called attraction to a forced matrix in theory is that spillover is created; therefore putting people you didn’t recruit in your down line.


Rarely does this ever create an environment of team continuity and growth. The spillover theory is really more like a gimmick than anything else. Too many people buy into the idea they won’t have to work as hard recruiting people and nothing could be farther from the truth.


Always remember you are paid on you and your team’s level of involvement, not someone else’s.


One concern I had was the fact of how much can really be paid out as a residual on just a $9.95 monthly membership fee? And how much can you make when the sign up is just $25? The reality of long term, substantial income might be limited in That Free Thing, even though some money could certainly be made if you work hard and recruit like crazy.


WARNING: Do not neglect the facts above and be sure to take this information seriously if you want to become financially independent and find the right opportunity.


With the right information, training, system and mentor, your That Free Thing business can spread like wildfire all over the internet without bothering friends and family.


In order to achieve success in your That Free Thing business, you will need to master the skills of auto-pilot lead generation, branding yourself, and effective online marketing. Becoming an educated Entrepreneur and 21st Century marketer is the key to building your That Free Thing downline.





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