Did Affiliate Marketing Products Really Kill Online Advertising?

Is there a need and demand for affiliate marketing products these days?


I can only answer that with a resounding, absolutely!



As the demand for digital products continues to grow, especially online marketing products, the need for good, solid affiliate marketing products will only continue to explode to meet that demand.



A common problem in the affiliate marketing industry is the “sounds too good to be true” philosophy of those who don’t understand the affiliate marketing products industry, much less internet marketing as a whole.



Just as with any other type of product, tangible or digital, one must always do their research before they make a purchase.



Don’t believe everything you read: “Follow these steps and you’ll make $30,000 your first month”, is probably one of those times you should run, not walk away.



Unfortunately, newbie’s fall into the trap many times and skeptics not involved in the industry spout off about the lower prices of affiliate marketing products brings down the cost for online advertising. Well, isn’t that what free enterprise is all about…finding a better way?



The fact that affiliate marketing works well even in times of online advertising slow downs, is a testament to its effectiveness. Plain and simple affiliate marketing products have morphed into a reliable and steady source of income for a wide range of internet marketers worldwide.



In the early years of the affiliate business, many folks bragged it was the future of advertising online, while the nay sayers downplayed the oncoming affiliate revolution claiming it would be the downfall of advertising online as we know it.



The complexity of the affiliate marketing industry has grown steadily, and many brands today utilize affiliate marketers worldwide to sell their products and services, while some sales estimates indicate up to 25% are generated by these same affiliates.



A majority of multi use, online marketers today utilize some type of an affiliate model to sell product. Unlike the days of old, affiliate marketing products today differ company to company and program to program.



The company affiliate program whereby an unlimited number of affiliate marketers were allowed to sign up and where the company had little control over the affiliates is simply a thing of the past.



Take a survey of online marketers today and I have no doubt the consensus would be that the affiliate business today adds value to internet marketing efforts in general, but the programs must be custom designed to handle the affiliate marketer’s needs and objectives.



As purported, the affiliate marketing model didn’t stop higher end type advertising as was once projected by the other online media advertising companies.



As a matter of fact, the success and growth of the affiliate business today simply opened the door for other types of performance based ads, such as CPA programs and networks.



The affiliate business in these modern times is widely accepted by the online advertising industry as a whole, while also becoming more lean, custom tailored and intertwined with other forms of online marketing as well.



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