How to Craft Irresistible Blog Post Titles

Creating good blog post titles…


can be the difference between just showing up on the first page of Google and actually getting someone to click through to come to your blog, which is the real objective isn’t it?


You can download swipe files of good blog titles you have found on Google and model your blog titles after these or you can just “wing it”. I like the first option myself.
If using other’s swipe files no matter how tempting, do not copy these titles word for word. Simply take some of the ideas and craft them into your own, brand new post titles. You want to make your blog post title as original and magnetic as possible.


The key is to get someone to click on the link if you show up in the search engines, which is really the main reason for making it as interesting, funny or intriguing as possible.

There are four types of blog post titles we will examine here. You can use these ideas to help you write your own, original title. Remember, the purpose of a good title is to get your reader to click your blog link and click through to your site. I can’t say that enough.


Let’s look at 4 of the most popular types of blog posts titles:


1. Using a Question For a Title

This type of title has one purpose and that is to engage your readers. You want them to get involved on your blog. With all good blog titles, you want to present the problem and then give your reader the solution. You simply elaborate these points in the body of your blog post.

For Example:

Is Your Hairline Receding? Avoid These Three Things


2. The Statement Blog Post

In the statement post title, you simply make a statement of fact. Then use a statistic. And be specific and accurate with what you’re using…

For Example:

37% of Men Are Losing Their Hair…What to Do to Keep Your Hair Without Losing Your Mind


3. The List Post Title

The list post is very popular because people know they might be able to solve their particular problem really fast if they click and read your post. It’s really similar to a How-To blog post because you use a list of tips to solve their particular problem.

For Example:

Top 7 Small Business Start Up Tips People Forget About


4. The How-To Blog Post Title

With the how-to style, you are telling others how to do something very specific. It’s very much like a recipe, as you are showing and teaching them how to do something step by step.

For Example:

How to Double Your Bank Account in 90 Days

When writing your blog post titles, always include your keywords as close to the beginning of the title as you can. If you can use it in the first sentence of the post, even better.


This will help your possible ranking in the search engines. Keywords are an easy way to optimize your blog posts for the search engines. In today’s Google algorithm happy environment keep it to fewer than 3% for keywords though.


Copyblogger has an awesome post that goes into many more ideas for post titles. You can find it here:
I’ve always kept hundreds of possible title ideas in swipe files so I always can reference back if I need to, because even a good writer can get writer’s block. Simply review your swipe files when you need new ideas on writing that new blog post.


It will help you with your blogging consistency and also not losing your mind trying to come up with new blog title ideas all the time.


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