Cash Gifting Leads-What You Need to Know to Get Them

Get Cash Gifting Leads

Cash Gifting Leads…


Acquiring cash gifting leads is no different than any other online or network marketing business. You have to learn how to generate the leads first of all, generate the leads in huge quantities and then convert the leads to “sales”, oh excuse me “gifters” to be successful.



Cash Gifting Leads-Is Cash Gifting Legal in the First Place?


The internet today is clogged full of these so called “legal” gifting programs and they prey on folks that simply need “fast cash”. Well, actually the majority of people that get into these schemes many times feel desperate, therefore they fall for anything.


As Zig Ziglar said, “many times when we’re desperate we just grasp for
straws, but too many times we grab the wrong straws”.


The very small percentage of successful gifting gurus out there tout the
IRS Code as their basis for stating the legalities to potential new
“victims”, sorry I mean “gifters” they speak with. The problem with that is
all of the gray areas you have to contend with in the interpretation.


Everyone looks at it differently and this is evidenced by the fact of
several states’ Attorney Generals filing cases against gifting programs and
individuals alike. When trying to make you drink the gifting kool aid, the
guru gifters will tell you, “the IRS code definition doesn’t say you cannot
do it exactly”.


Really? There also is not a law that specifically states you cannot murder
someone in this or that brutal, particular way per se, but they certainly
find a way to charge you with 1st or 2nd degree murder, RIGHT? They don’t
charge you with murder by an ice pick in the back. It’s simply a wishful
way of thinking in our civilized society of laws.


I personally don’t want the United States government sticking their nose
into my business, period. The funny thing is, most of these gifting gurus
never stay in it indefinitely. They end up gravitating to a real mlm or
online marketing business; because even they know it’s not really right
when you think about it reasonably.


Cash Gifting Leads-How Did I Do It?


I can personally speak from experience because the first thing I got
involved with online was cash gifting. Because I was desperate to figure
out this “internet thing” so I allowed myself to get drawn into this
sometimes “dark” activity.


There I was, I had already sent in my $3,000 (yes, you read correctly), so
I knew I had to figure out how to generate my own cash gifting leads. My so
called sponsor (oh yeah, I forgot, it’s not mlm), my whatever he was,
wouldn’t call me back so I knew I would have to go it alone.


I figured out through my own studying and investigation how to do videos
fairly well, so I was cranking those babies out and blasting them using Traffic Geyser.


The problem was, I had no clue how to really present or convert anything. I
knew nothing about SEO or driving any other traffic. I didn’t know about
paid strategies like solo ads or ppc, and I certainly didn’t know how to
create my own blog so I couldn’t start driving traffic virally. I was a
boat without oars.


I did have some luck creating cash gifting leads, but it just wasn’t enough
to sustain it. Ya see, in cash gifting, because of the terrible publicity,
the potential of legal issues, cases filed against some people by attorney
generals and the simple non existence of an authority on any of it really,
does have you running uphill from the start.


Cash Gifting Leads-The Last Word…


I wasn’t impressed by any mlm products out there when I first got online,
so cash gifting attracted me since there was no product involved. And
basically all you were doing was paying someone to supposedly train you how
to market online and get cash gifting leads.


So, it’s like an MLM without the hassles of a product. Most folks get involved
in MLM for the business opportunity attached anyway, not the products.


Problem is, most MLM or affiliate programs pay such low percentages that
most folks can’t sustain their business online and quit after a short time.
Let me ask you this, “if you could keep all of the money from your efforts,
do you think you can succeed and build a real business online?


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