How to Show Up Everywhere

How To Show Up Everywhere in Your Market?


If you’re to have a successful online business, at least one in the areas of network marketing, blog marketing, internet marketing or mlm, you will have to become attractive, magnetic even. That’s just part of the equation, so if you’re afraid of people and don’t like interaction or having your pictures seen and videos watched, then any of the aforementioned business models are probably not for you…just being honest here.


In this day and age on the Internet, transparency has never been so important. If motivated enough, a person can do some research and find everything there is to know about you, well almost. So, if you’re one of those private persons that likes to hide behind the computer screen, then maybe something like 100% affiliate marketing is for you, but even then, building a list and developing a relationship with that list is crucial for success online today. And letting your list get to know you is one of the keys in making a list more responsive.


As we discussed previously, affiliate marketing requires you to constantly be changing products, jumping around from one new shiny object to the next with more reviews about things you may not have even tried out yet. That’s just not for me and not really what my blog here is about.


Now, that’s not to say I don’t make affiliate commissions on products, I do, but it’s not the main source that I concentrate on in my business. And there are “affiliate mega superstars” that make a butt load of money online, but once again, it’s just not the model we will be laser-focused on here.


Attraction Marketing Strategies


So what is attraction marketing anyway? It’s really a concept that Mike Dillard, the creator of Magnetic Sponsoring really brought to the forefront. Attraction marketing has a lot to do with your mindset first. You have to realize there are vibrations all around us and that we give them and receive them all the time.


Have you ever seen a celebrity in person while you were out somewhere totally by chance? Do you remember how people around were reacting, especially if they were a mega superstar. They may have even had an entourage or bodyguards around them, and of course people are starting to swarm around them as soon as their recognized.


There is a reason for this and it’s 100% psychological. There have even been movies and TV series’ made showing how much more magnetic the people in the entourage become just from being close to the superstar. The people in the group gain social status just from being part of that “in crowd”.


There are a couple of things to take away from this observation:



  • Subconsciously people are naturally attracted to others that project social value and who convey leadership qualities.
  • If you want to “build your empire” and make it big in this industry, you will have to master these qualities and become that leader that transfers value to others.

For some people this transition is easy and happens for a very small percentage very comfortably, others it can take years to master and then again others never get it and usually fail at the aforementioned type businesses.



The old saying in sales is that people buy from who they know, like and trust and if you’re e in network marketing or direct sales, people are not joining because of the business opportunity, they are joining because of YOU.

For the “alphas” of the universe, they are the ones that get it naturally, but for the rest of the world, it must be developed and it can be like so many other leadership qualities. Unfortunately, too many people don’t want to spend the time and effort to do it, hence the huge failure rate online today.


This is not an attraction marketing course, you can get that here. This is just a generalization of what it’s gonna take to get you there. Your state of mind will have to be transformed into a new way of thinking, one that says you no longer care what other people think.


These are people oriented business models so you will have to master a few things to become attractive to others to the point that they are following you.

The ability to train and guide others

Feeling comfortable in front of the camera or on webinars

  • Your speaking abilities have become easier and more authoritative
  • Self confidence is rising due to constant study of more successful people
  • Exuding energy and happiness about what you’re doing when helping others

I will reiterate, if you’re not comfortable with any of this, that’s ok, but if you are not willing to seek out the education and training to become like this in your mindset, then you need to look elsewhere for a different type of online business model.


Blog Marketing and Promotion


One of the things we concentrate on here at is creating epic, memorable content people want to not only read, but share, save and bookmark for future reference. That is the basis for a good, solid blog, one that can be marketed correctly.


Once again, let me remind you of the business model here. We are not talking about promoting mini blogs or shell blogs with very little content that are used to make a few affiliate commissions on the newest digital camera or baby bed.


We are talking about a long term, scalable home business online here, one that starts with your blog as your home base and one that makes an impact in the market. Only then can your blog become an integral part of your overall business marketing strategy.


Think of everything else as feeding off of your home base, (your blog), or should I say feeding into it, like a planetary system. Think of it as your blog being the sun and your other inbound marketing strategies feeding into it like our planets orbiting around the sun in our solar system.


As time goes on your marketing center will increase in it’s ability to generate more leads and convert prospects to paying customers which is the end game right? Taking the time to build it the right way and cultivate and plant the seeds properly will go a long way in creating your “blog empire”.


Getting Blog Traffic


Once your blog is up and active, traffic is the next step. The “build it and they will come” mentality is a deadly thought process in the blogging world; nothing could be farther from the truth. Your blog is like an island and we have to build bridges, boats and airplanes to get people there, (metaphorically speaking of course).


You can always buy traffic, but without awesome, engaging content, people will just show up and in 3.2 seconds will “bounce” or leave. Just think of all that money you just wasted on traffic, not to mention being penalized by Google for the high “bounce rate”.


Remember at it’s about free inbound marketing methods, so we create content that’s engaging, thought provoking and value driven. If you can’t write, learn to develop that skill. If you don’t want to, then think about turning your blog into a vlog. (A blog that’s all videos). As I said before, if you have a problem with either of those or at least developing the skill, then this business may not be for you.


You can also pay a writing service to create content for you but a word of warning here. If you do, your blog will lack “your insight” and “your style”, which is imperative to stand out in the crowd. If hiring writers or a service, I would take their work and re-write it. At least it will get you started like a place to jump off if you will.


Creating Engaging Content


One of the hardest things for me to let go of was worrying about ranking in Google. When I started in this business, that’s what everyone was doing and what everyone was training others to do. Learning how to “trick” the system by stuffing keywords into descriptions or your blog title and more importantly into the articles and blog posts you were creating. I never really felt good about it, thinking this created a terrible experience for the searcher.


I couldn’t tell you how many times I would type in a key phrase searching for something only to have these “cheesy”, “shell” sites show up that never answered any of my questions. They showed up on the first page because they tricked the Google system and I never felt right about that.


Fast forward to 2014 and those days are long gone so don’t even go there.


Here a few things to think about when creating content:


  • What am I trying to accomplish with this piece or blog post?
  • Am I writing this for my prospect? (Or Google)
  • Is it longer than 2,000 words? (Naturally ranks higher now)
  • Am I really putting value in the marketplace?
  • Would I bookmark it or share it? (If I hadn’t written it)


If you can’t include these things, then you should probably re-think the post or article, etc. Now, don’t take this literal o the point that you never post anything on your blog, but just remember, it’s better to post 4 times a month following the above guidelines, than every other day with a 200 word post with no value whatsoever.


One of the biggest problems today is the fact that people make that epic piece and post it to their blog thinking the “awesome content fairies” will magically send them thousands of visitors. Once again, rarely does that happen.


Once the post is made, it’s time to put on our marketing hats and go to work. There are hundreds of places to post our epic work…blogging tribes, blogging communities and blog directories. Let’s not forget to manually post it to Facebook, Twitter and use as well. (I love free re-tweets).


You can then use link roundups to get a few hundred visitors, (if it’s awesome content). Link roundup sites change quite a bit so I’m not going to recommend specific ones. All you have to do is just Google link roundups, network marketing link roundups or blog link roundups, etc to find the most current ones to use. (There are still free ones out there).


Let’s not forget about bookmarking sites. They don’t have quite as much impact as they once did, but it’s still worth doing. SocialMonkee is free to use for this and a very quick option.


These are just a few of the ways to market your content, but don’t worry, that’s one of the things we concentrate on at, so there’s much more to come.


How To Have Your Blog Show Up Everywhere in Your industry


Of course one of the collateral advantages to creating that epic content is that your blog will naturally start showing up more and more, but there are other ways to make that happen also.


Even though some of the guest blogging sites were recently penalized by Google, guest blogging is not dead. You just have to be more careful where you guest blog. Let’s say you are in the network marketing arena for instance, one of the best ways to start getting noticed is to make a list of the top ten network marketers that you would like to get noticed by.


Maybe this is Ray Higdon, or maybe even Eric Worre, just go ahead and make the list of ten. Then have as part of your daily schedule to go by their site and comment on any new blog posts. Better yet, subscribe to their RSS feeds if they have them so you’ll be notified when they post new material.


When they do, go to the post and comment. And please don’t insult them or yourself with some short, stupid, I want to be noticed comment. Make a comment that is valuable to their audience, one that projects value.


If you can’t do that naturally, then don’t comment or do a little Google search work to educate yourself on the subject before commenting. Do this for all ten every day.


Also be subscribed to their You Tube channels and do the exact same thing there as well posting some well thought out comments. Oh yes and let’s not forget Twitter. Follow them and re-tweet their good stuff as well.


Trust me these guys and gals will start to take notice that your name or brand is popping up in their world.


This is another reason to project value in everything that you do because some of them will even go to your blog to check you out eventually. Trust me, this is when you want that front page of your blog to simply jump out at them. Even if you’re not really known yet in their circles, they can see that you’re providing great value to the marketplace; therefore you stick out in their mind.


Now when you contact them later for a guest blogging request, at least a bell will go off in the back of their minds. Another way is to sell a bunch of one of their products as an affiliate, then create a small report or guide that could accompany their product and contact them and offer it along with an article about how your report can be used in conjunction with their great product. You could also use this as a bonus if someone orders from your affiliate link off of our own blog.


Social Media Relationships


Almost as important as deciding on what online business model to pursue, is the decision on which social media sites to utilize. There are literally hundreds if not thousands now with Facebook and Twitter still being the major players. Google + and LinkedIn are still a distant third and fourth but still with a couple of million subscribers each, certainly worth considering.


The Two Main Things To Do


Whichever you decide on the first rule of thumb is to concentrate only on that one to market with. Otherwise you will be pulled all over the place and never really master any of them, which is how so many people unfortunately get overwhelmed trying to master a social media campaign and end up with very little results.


Set aside a certain number of minutes each day to interact, market and share other people’s content. Or better yet, do what I do and do some in the morning and then some that same night. The more your name or brand is showing up the better. It sends the message that you are active in your industry and your community, which is SO important on social media.


The second thing to do in regards to social media once you’ve decided on the platform to interact on is to build relationships, build relationships and then to build relationships. We discussed this in more detail on How to Get Customers, so we won’t go too deep into it here again.


Remember the first rule of sales? People do business with people they know like and trust and a social media site is no different. People see your picture or brand showing up every day, then they see you interacting daily and then they’re reading you’re AWESOME comments, so guess what happens when you single them out with a message?


Well, that’s somewhat of a rhetorical question really, the answer is quite clear. Not only that, but the way in which you reach out to them is probably different that with most messages they receive. Once again go to How to Get Customers for the step by step.


Social media has never been more important than today. Even Google is giving more attention to the social media signals. Just remember, you don’t own the content you put on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or any other social media site.


At it’s all about CONTROLLING YOUR BUSINESS and that’s what we will continue to help you with in your online business.


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