Amazon Herb Company- An Independent Critical Review of The Amazon Herb Company

The Amazon Herb Company is one that takes advantage of the Rainforest’s plethora of botanical herbs and plants. Just over 200,000 to date and that is just the number that has been discovered and documented as of today.

Likely there will be more found as the years pass us by. Manufacturing nutritional compounds and skin products from the richness of the plants found in the Amazon is exactly what the Amazon Herb Company did and continues to prosper doing today.

The Amazon Herb Company deals directly hand in hand with the indigenous dwellers of the Amazon Rain Forest territory. The availability of the plants there is endless, though the locals cannot utilize the majority of it because they just lack the know how and the funding.

The Amazon Herb Company knows of the vitality and purity of the plants there and realizes the potency that can be transmitted into our bloodstreams easier. Most grocery store foods simply lose their nutritional value with all the processing that takes place and the time spent in warehouses and transport to the consignee.

John Easterling, founder and CEO of Amazon Herb Company has traveled to the Amazon Rain forest more than 175 times over 26 years and has created a model of ecological prosperity that is benefiting the Amazon Rain forest today.

On one of his earliest travels there he was overtaken by an unknown, almost fatal illness but was nursed back to good condition by the locals utilizing the herbs in the forest. |Hence, the Amazon Herb Company was born and the locals have been realizing returns for more than 25 years through the harvesting of the plants and botanicals there.

John Easterling, has demonstrated that a positive, healing mindset is always the first objective and is the mission of the Amazon Herb Company. Overall good health and well being is a reality within this opportunity and with the Amazon Herb Company.

They distribute their products as an MLM company and provides payment to it’s distributors for their personal sales and the sales of their group. Your beginning personal start up pack is only $50, but this is not where you will be making your money.

Your personal sales will be paid at a commission level of 40%, but must be on the auto ship of at least $100 each and every month to qualify. The residual income can then be realized once you sign up as an affiliate also and the auto ship is in place.

Then you will be earning a 5% bonus for helping your down line to be successful and continuing to stay motivated and trained. Your group at this point will be earning you that override bonus of 5%, therefore it’s within your best interest to assist your people to grow and duplicate what you do. Another great feature is the 13% bonuses on any directly sponsored rep that becomes an affiliate also.

Drawbacks in the Amazon Herb Company might be the stair step style levels that must be reached and the monthly required purchase to qualify at the respective levels for the level bonuses. When you accomplish your goals in the plan, you are rewarded financially and setting a better future for a recurring monthly income.

Of course reaching these levels ensure a long term residual income making this an attractive company to make money long term if you can hang in there.

This is a plan that is going to take a lot of effort as with any network marketing plan. The Amazon Herb Company is no different than other MLM companies in that it takes commitment and hard work. Never forget that it’s usually the individual that fails, not the company or marketing aspect of the company.

Most people today simply don’t have the circle of influence that their parents or grandparents might have had, therefore the old school tactics of marketing simply don’t work. Meetings in living rooms, hotel banquet rooms and neighbor’s houses simply won’t provide any real results in today’s market.

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