Affiliate Business-3 Reasons Why You May Like it Better than MLM

Is An Affiliate Business Really Better?

At the outset, I had considered an affiliate business, but if you were like me in the beginning, you chased every new “don’t do anything and you get rich” program out there. And unfortunately many of you are still chasing that pie in the sky deal, but one thing is for sure…until you stop and concentrate on one thing and one thing only, your success will be very limited.

Being in Limbo is the Worst Place to Be…

There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “Chase two rabbits, and catch none”! Nothing could be truer than with Online Marketing today. I wasted about a year or so at the outset and spent thousands of dollars along the way, but I learned my lesson rather quickly. For some folks it takes them much longer, some multiple years.

Two of the main types of online businesses are an affiliate business or multi-level marketing, or MLM as its known today. In this article we will delve into 3 reasons why an Affiliate Business may be a better option for you than MLM.

Here we go:

  • Product Creation/Availability or Product Boredom– I think the product creation part may speak for itself in the sense there is a huge list of things that goes into it. Lining up suppliers, material availability, and production deadlines, shipping issues, etc, are just a few.

With some MLM programs I’ve seen manufacturers run out of an herb that comes from overseas, only to stop production on their best selling item…which makes it hard if you’re one of their independent representatives because your income just disappeared or was drastically reduced.

With an affiliate business you’re basically selling and marketing other people’s products, so it can be a different one every week, or month, or even 6 months, which really keeps things interesting. With online affiliate marketing it’s more like product excitement, not boredom, because if you’re learning, then you’re growing.

With MLM it’s the same product grind, so you better love the product line and stay loving the same product line forever. Also, from a product standpoint, with MLM, your eggs are in one basket, so you cannot protect yourself by having the risk spread out over many different products.

  • No Recruiting-Doesn’t everyone out there just love interrupting and talking to strangers about their business? Well, if you’re involved with MLM you better love it, because that’s exactly what you will be doing much of the time. Even if you’ve created an attraction marketing funnel, you will still be speaking to people on the phone every night trying to convince them to work with you.

With an affiliate business it’s really more about a strategy of marketing the right way and creating a sales funnel that monetizes your blogs and sites the proper way. This will keep potential customers engaged so they’ll keep coming back to buy your products so you keep collecting commissions in your bank account mostly without ever speaking to them on the phone.

If you have e-commerce affiliate business sites set up, you will never speak to any of your customers whatsoever. Can you imagine just receiving huge checks each and every month without ever speaking to a single customer? Well, if you build it right, an affiliate business can certainly do that for you.

  • No Cold Calling-Now this is where there is some disagreement. The real definition of cold calling is making a pro-active effort that involves you reaching out to a total stranger to try and acquire a sale or at least create a qualified prospect.

In other words you and you alone initiate the first contact directly and without any previous contact whatsoever. This is brutal when that’s the only way you can market. I know I did it for many years in the mortgage and insurance business.

But most people can’t take the rejection, let alone have the training to speak to most people about their business even if the prospect called them first. That’s one of the main attractions to an affiliate business. You can actually build e-commerce sites alone and theoretically never speak to anyone, let alone a customer.

Commit to One and One Type Only…

This may sound attractive to some but for me I have to have some interpersonal relationships with other folks who may be my customers or who are simply in my type of business, therefore I’ve had both.

But that’s what makes an affiliate business attractive to so many folks out there in MLM and internet marketing land…it affords you total freedom if you build it right.

Everything has it advantages and disadvantages in life and deciding between an affiliate business or MLM is no different. Be sure to answer some of those important questions before deciding on the affiliate business or your particular business model.

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