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David Lee MLMHi There, I’m David Lee and after seeing others struggle online for so long I simply wanted to create a place that would…

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I wanted my work here to be guided by a few simple principles…



Life and business have a vibration. The vibrational effect you can have on the world is completely up to you and the way you can communicate your message, whatever that is for you and your online business.

WorkWithDavidLee is here because I’ve seen thousands of lost souls out there in our industry that need help getting CONTROL of their business and direction.

The Internet has literally leveled the playing field whereas anybody can compete with the Big Boys if they really want to and are willing to put in the work.


 *****Anyone can make a difference rather quickly using certain inbound marketing methods*****


My blog, is dedicated to helping online business entrepreneurs decide on a model, build their online presence, get more customers and increase their number of qualified prospects, all without losing sleep worrying about Google and other search engines.

WorkWithDavidLee.com is a destination for network marketers, blog marketers, internet marketers and online business owners alike.

I am certainly no million dollar guru, (not yet anyway). I’m just a regular guy that after 20 yrs of sales and marketing success offline, made a conscious decision to never be shackled to a desk in a cubicle jungle again. To never spend 3 hours a day in bumper to bumper traffic, miss out on raising my kids, or work 50-60 hour weeks again. That life isn’t for everybody and it certainly wasn’t for me any longer… I HAD BECOME “UNEMPLOYABLE AS THEY SAY”

I knew that with the progression of the Internet that the future was moving to the online world and this time I vowed not to be left behind, so I took ACTION. People today have never been in a better position to start their own businesses and fulfill their dreams and live that dream lifestyle from anywhere in the world.

My dream as always been “To do whatever I wanted to do, whenever I wanted to do it”, (and from wherever in the world).

If this resonates with you, sign up below and let’s start getting you on the road to do just that!

Wishing You Success,


david lee


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