8 Things Top MLM Companies Must Have For You To Succeed

Top MLM Companies


Top MLM Companies do have a pattern…


This post about the 8 things the Top MLM companies should have needs to become your “should I sign
up with this MLM Company” bible. Because it is so difficult to find the company with the
“right stuff” and one that gives you the warm fuzzy, having a simple guide, that you can literallyprint out and check off as you do your due diligence is imperative.

Personally, I am an MLM orphan myself, so I understand the sleepless nights, feelings of
being in limbo, and absolute indecision or should I say bad decisions that follow many times.
Being careful and not being afraid to call and actually speak to a possible future sponsor goes
a long way when doing your research.

There are things that the top MLM Companies do right without fail, and we will cover 8 of the most important things that are inherent to
their structure in this article.


  • Time in Business– Starting a new
    business venture in itself is a difficult and bold move for most, but making it
    in the network marketing world can be even a more daunting task. Too many
    times, the principles involved simply don’t have the marketing background or
    enough experience in the industry as a whole.


Once an MLM Company reaches the two year mark, well, you can breathe a sigh of relief,
but if a company hits five years, let just say you can take that money to the bank. The percentage level
the company will make it at that point is in the high 90’s.

  • Compensation Plan– There are so many
    different compensation plan structures out there that it makes your head spin.
    The complexity of most simply make my brain hurt. Many of the more successful
    MLM companies seem to depend more on simplicity than anything.


I have found the dual binary compensation plan to be the best for a couple of reasons.
Since most people that get involved with an MLM company sponsor 2.9 people,
a dual binary gives you a better chance to actually build a team, therefore keeping you in the

The trick is to find one that doesn’t have too many hoops to jump through so you can qualify
for all the well advertised bonuses within the company. Too many MLM Companies make it too
difficult to qualify and end up keeping the large majority of the commissions.

  • Product Appeals to Other Network Marketers-The
    majority of your prospects will be other failing network marketers, and statistics
    show 95-97% will not immediately join you in your primary MLM Company.


Therefore having a product line that can assist them now, goes a long way to developing a
future long term relationship because statistically they will be looking for a new MLM home

  • Paid Quickly and Often– A large
    majority of your prospects will be orphans from other MLM Companies, therefore
    being able to get them into money quickly is critical. So many newbies quit in
    their first 90-120 days and one of the main reasons is money.


Because it does take some money to market your business, having the ability to get them into
cash fast, goes a long way in keeping attrition to a minimum. Top MLM Companies have many
ways topay including “quick start” bonuses and they pay frequently at least once per

  • A True Stand Alone Product– This area
    can get a little grey sometimes in what people consider “stand alone”. Think of
    it this way. If the business opportunity wasn’t attached to the product, could
    you walk down the street going business to business and market your product to
    those businesses?


Can those business owners find a viable use for your product in their business? If you can
honestly answer yes, then you have a true “stand alone” product or service. If not, well then you
need to call me so I can help you.

  • Is the Company Creating Millionaires
    If a network marketing company has created quite a few millionaires in
    reference to the number of years in business, then everything works for them.
    They most likely have harmony across the board in the areas that count such as
    recruiting, training, company management, product development, bonus
    qualifications, etc.


Top MLM Companies do these things well which insures that attrition stay low, therefore
making it easier for teams to grow their organizations into MLM empires not just organizations.

  • Does Business Internationally– Being
    able to build teams and organizations across the oceans can be huge. In this
    day and age of social networks such as Facebook, the ability to create friends and
    contacts overseas has never been higher.



You never want to have to tell a well qualified friend in another country that he cannot
become part of your team because the company is not there yet. It would kill you mentally to have
to tell a well established real estate investor in another country that they will have to wait.
We both know that unless the day is on the calendar with the company to open in that
particular market, then you’ll most likely lose them plain and simple.

  • Part of a Growing Trend– The majority
    of people that have built massive organizations and made insane amounts of
    money in network marketing were with companies that had cutting edge products
    that were part of a growing trend. In this market you need to set yourself
    apart from the crowd and doing that with a “me too” product is more difficult
    to do, but not impossible.


Your path to success in network marketing will be a road easier to travel with products such
as these. It’s hard enough in MOM without stacking the cards against you at the outset. Why
not get yourself a head start with products that are on the front of a “wave”.

Well, there you have it. Print this checklist and use it when researching Top MLM Companies.
Of course there are other things to consider, but this gives you a good basis to work from.
These are some of the most important considerations when looking at the Top MLM Companies as a
potential home business opportunity.

It seems many traditional MLM companies are flawed in the
way in which they pay their representatives, hence the 97% failure rate of new
people coming into their respective companies.


Most new people average only $10
per week in their MLM which is both sad and troubling. It is not your fault.
You are being trained improperly and paid even worse which rarely is more than

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