The 7 Things You Must Do When You Set Up a New WordPress Blog

So you’ve made the decision to set up a new WordPress blog from scratch or make the switch to the self hosted variety for whatever reason, and there are many. The trick is to start out on the right foot otherwise you’ll be playing catch up later and that’s never what you want to be doing especially in the network marketing world. You’ll be too busy sponsoring like a madman to worry about such techie stuff.

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At the outset, just remember the KISS theory. There’s plenty of time later when you’re rolling in the network marketing doe to outsource most everything you could ever want to do to spruce up the look of your new blog or setup another new WordPress blog.


Lets get started:



1)      A Little Housecleaning I know what you’re thinking, “why do I need to houseclean when I haven’t even lived there yet”? I know, I know, your thought process seems logical but some things in life just aren’t.

  • In Posts: Remove the system post called “Hello World”
  • In Pages: Remove the system generated “About Page”
  • In Plugins: Remove the “Hello Dolly plugin (which will magically reappear sometimes)
  • In Links: Remove the system generated Blogroll (scarcely used by seasoned bloggers)


2)      SEO and Aesthetics With a new WordPress blog, you can never tilt the scale in your favor enough when it comes to on page SEO, especially now after the Google Panda Update.

  • In Settings-General: Input a blog title with your brand in mind and insert a keyword
  • In Setting-General: Once again, be original without being “too cute”.


3)      Changing the PermalinksThis falls into the SEO area again besides being more pleasing to the eye. You don’t want your blog posts to look like this to the search engines, , this is a killer when it comes to trying to rank in Google.

  • In Settings-Permalinks: Choose “custom” and change them to /%postname%/
  • This will make your posts unique and more Google friendly
  • Your posts will now look like


4)      Using a Name For Your Admin Nickname- Not changing this will make the author of your posts show “Admin” which make your blog look cold and unattended. Using a surname is fine, but just make sure your name matches the name in your “About Me” page if you have one.

  • In Users-Your Profile; Change the admin name. Your name is good if an authority blog.


5)      Activate the Spam Comment Filter Plugin- Never is this more important than today. Spam is a

constant problem online. You want to be aggressive right out of the gate, otherwise it gets out of hand really quickly and you will find yourself sifting through thousands of these before you know it if you don’t get proactive now.

  • In Plugins: Activate the plugin called Akismet that comes already installed in WordPress.
  • Just follow the easy instructions on how to get your free WordPress API key to activate


6)      Grab a Good SEO Friendly ThemeNever, never, never keep the standard WordPress theme that comes with your newly installed blog. Not only is it not really that appealing to the eye, it just isn’t very efficient when it comes to SEO. Don’t get to fancy here especially starting out. Do some research before purchasing one, use the trial version first if available. Just be sure it states that it’s SEO friendly in the description and easily customizable.

  • In Appearance: Themes
  • Search by name and download directly from the link
  • Activate


7)      Allow the Search Engines To See Your New BlogI’ve seen a lot of people make this mistake and it can be a costly one.

  • In Settings: Privacy
  • Choose allow search engines to see your new blog


red easy buttonJust remember that creating a new WordPress blog can certainly be a daunting task. Do what thousands of others are doing and get your very own “viral blog” already setup and optimized so you can finally start showing up on the first page of Google.

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