5 Things That Screw Up SEO on Your MLM Blog or Any Other for That Matter

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Is This Your MLM Blog?

When you first jump into the MLM blog pool, many times
you’re simply gasping for oxygen as the weight of information overload is
pulling you under like the undertow at BigSur.


In your efforts to recover, you may find yourself looking for
every questionable advantage you can get just to get a jump on the competition.
Many times, In our desperate rush to get a nose up on others in the industry,
we partake in methods that might be just a bit beyond our technical knowledge
or simply could be called “black hat”


Below are 5 things that I can personally attest to that can hurt
the SEO on your MLM blog tremendously.


 If at the outset of my network marketing career
I would have kept it a bit basic and just concentrated more on creating content
and syndication of that content, well, let’s just say I would have been more
than fine, and by the way, my page rank today would have probably been twice
what it is today.


Now, here are the 5 things that can jeopardize the SEO on Your MLM Blog:



1)  Using a Robots.txt Script Incorrectly– I’ve seen this all too many times when techie
wanna-be’s become network marketers and think they’ve read enough to use robots.txt files
correctly, but end up accidently informing Google spiders to not index their files.



Unless you’re a webmaster or do SEO for a living, I have an idea…just
leave these types of scripts alone at first on your mlm blog.There’s plenty of time for this
later, but only if you get much more training in that area.


In network marketing, it’s always more efficient to get this type of stuff outsourced, it’s a much
better use of resources and will keep you out of trouble normally.



2)  Becoming Too Big For Your SEO Britches– Using black hat techniques or methods that
simply piss off the search engines. Taking gambling or porn URLs and hiding them on your site (or
thinking you’re hiding them) is a recipe for disaster and a direct line to the Google outhouse!



3)  Becoming That Gum On theShoe of Matt Cutts- For those of you that don’t
know Matt Cutts he is head of Google’sWebspam team and all around SEO guru for Google
in general. Now, I don’t why anyone would want to do this but I’ve seen a few people
become borderline belligerent in comments on Matt’s blog, and even go as far as including their
website address.



Now I don’t know about you, but he would be the last man on
planet Earth I would want to make angry. I’m sure he’s a patient guy but let’s
not get crazy here or you might just find yourself never really accomplishing
what you want on your mlm blog in Google for a very long time. (if you get my drift)



4)  Installing Too Many Plugins and Themes- Simply installing a plugin or theme
because you do the search in the WordPress dashboard doesn’t mean it’s free from viruses or
malicious code. These could present future problems and become a future “back door” for your
MLM blog to be compromised.



Mine was compromised twice and the end result was my
Alexa ranking fell by 4,500,000, or should I say went up. Only install what you
absolutely need, not the “cool” new plugin of the day.



5)  Not Posting Consistently to Your MLM Blog– Too many people fall into
this trap. They work hard getting their blog where it’s climbing the ranks and they get
caught up in other things such as sponsoring which is the most important thing really.



Now, that is certainly more important than posting to your blog, but if you become too busy,
simply outsource it to stay consistent in presenting good content for your mlm blog.


Remember, don’t simply go cheap when hiring out
copywriting, article writing, etc, because people will smell it a mile away if
there happens to grammatical errors, spelling errors and the like.



Your MLM blog is your nerve center. Treat it with “kid gloves” and it will serve you well.
One mantra I live by and has served me well for my short run in the network marketing business.
“Inexpensive short cuts are usually not inexpensive in the long run”.



SEO on your mlm blog is still important to tend to…


like a garden. Cultivate it and it will bear fruit in the way of targeted leads, interested
prospects and motivated team members.



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