3 Insider Facts That Might Keep You From Enrolling In Empower Network


Empower Network Revealed

If you’re in network marketing and haven’t heard of Empower
Network, then you literally must be living under a rock. Empower Network is a
new (only 23 days old and paid out over $950,000 already in commissions), viral
blogging and marketing system put together by master internet marketers David
Wood and David Sharpe.


Even though this product is a home run hitter without a
doubt, there are a few things that might be a concern for a few people out
there in our industry. After being in this business for 3 years, you see and
hear a lot.


In reality, it’s just like being in business in the offline
world. Well, actually not quite, ya see, offline 20% of the people carry the
rest, but online the figure is around 3-5% actually carry the internet
marketing industry as a whole.


  Empower Network-Not Just Any Old Product


Given that fact, sometimes it just doesn’t matter the
product, (heck you could be giving away gold bricks), somebody out there will
find something wrong with it…even something as revolutionary as Empower


 Let’s look at 3 things that might stop you from enrolling
someone in Empower Network


 Empower Network Insider Fact #1– The products are 100%
digital. Now you would think in this day and age that this could not possibly
be an obstacle for anyone, but having spoken to truckloads of people, this will
still trip up some I’m sad to say. The saying “you cant teach an old dog new
tricks” still has traction in our society, unfortunately.

  Empower Network-Some People Just Won’t Get It…


Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s your job to make sure people
on your team get the proper training without a doubt, but never, ever train
from the knees. What I mean, is that you can lead a horse to water, but you
can’t make him drink, another very true old school saying. If digital products
are a stumbling block for someone, simply move on.


Life is just too short and even if you did sign someone up,
the learning and training curve of such a team member would simply not have
enough return for you to spend the exorbitant amount of time it would take to
train them or should I say re-train their brain into accepting the “digital


Empower Network Insider Fact #2 – By utilizing the great
converting company capture page you are building a list for David Wood and
David Sharpe. Now, this is not a speed bump for me at all, but some folks out
there will have an issue with this…probably the suspicious at heart that have a
little experience in the business.


  Empower Network-Don’t Lose $12,000 Dollars…


A great marketer must be able to see the big picture here. I
admit I had a similar viewpoint my first year in the business and that’s one
reason that I spent $12,000 and got nothing in return. When you’re looking  I
would have much rather used someone else’s 50% converting capture page in exchange
for a few leads to their list.



Nobody seemed to give this a second thought when marketing
Mike Dillard’s fine group of network marketing products. He and his company
have been collecting email addresses for years when people utilize his great
converting capture pages. If you’ve built the right kind of relationship with
your list, this just shouldn’t be an issue.



Empower Network Insider Fact #3 – Individuals still have to
spend money marketing or do it the old fashioned way…sweat equity. The concept
of the “already done for you system” included in Empower Network is a viral
blogging system already done for you. Like with any program, system, or network
marketing company, you still have to market and drive traffic. Don’t forget
developing relationships are still an important factor regardless if on the
phone, mail or on social media.


  Empower Network-Free Yourself to Do the Important Things in Network Marketing


The fact that we make our livings online, doesn’t take away
from the fact that there is a person behind every email and social media
profile. Empower Network is no different in that sense.



The blogging system Empower Network simply eliminates so much of the “techie
stuff” that it will give you more time to do “real marketing” and “connecting” with prospects
for long term success in the network marketing industry.



It seems many traditional MLM companies are flawed in the
way in which they pay their representatives, hence the 97% failure rate of new
people coming into their respective companies.
Most new people average only $10
per week in their MLM which is both sad and troubling. It is not your fault.
You are being trained improperly and paid even worse which rarely is more than






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